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Wellington designer launches hi-vis fashion brand

News from Press Worthy Media
Former Police officer and award-winning fashion designer Fiona Pohlen has launched New Zealand’s first fashionable high-visibility clothing brand “Lumen Clothing” in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the World of Wearable Art (WOW).

Inspired by her work as a police officer, the Wellington designer is creating sophisticated reflective wear to keep people safe and stylish on the streets of the capital.

“My aim is to create a city where pedestrians are all visible in low-light conditions, and still look fabulous, wearing sophisticated, locally made clothing,” she says.

Lumen Clothing uses 3M Scotchlite© highlights on their garments, which is the same product used on high-visibility safety workwear.

The illuminated designs are on show in the window of the iconic Wellington store Cranfields as part of the WOW Window Dressing Competition.

Ms Pohlen says, “We have created a whimsical ‘Alice in Wellington’ theme, with flying candelabras, spoons and forks, along with showcasing a Lumen coat in the blue reflective theme of WoW this year.”

Aware of the negative impact that fashion brands can have on the environment, Ms Pohlen has created an ethical and sustainable clothing brand.

She says, “We are about reducing the negative impact our clothing brand has on the environment, and if we can keep people safe in low-light conditions whilst doing it; even better.”

Ms Pohlen was the winner of the Lux Luminance Award in Project Glow Wear 2016.