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$1.5b plan for 2000 new KiwiBuild homes, and 2900 renewed state houses, in Porirua

The Eastern Porirua regeneration will transform the suburbs of Ranui, Cannons Creek, Waitangirua and Ascot Park. The partnership with Ngāti Toa in the west will renew public housing in Titihi Bay, Mana and Tawa. Click on image for larger version.

News from NZ Government
Thousands of families will enjoy new state homes, affordable KiwiBuild and market homes under a plan to revitalise eastern Porirua as the Government continues to tackle the housing crisis.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said today the plan was the biggest and most ambitious regeneration since eastern Porirua was built 60 years ago.

“We will be building new homes and other facilities that will greatly improve the wellbeing of thousands of families and support this community so it can be healthier, safer and more connected.

“The eastern Porirua community deserves investment. We intend to work alongside community, Ngāti Toa and Porirua City Council at every step to deliver change that will benefit that community for generations to come,” said Jacinda Ardern.


The $1.5 billion programme was unveiled by the Prime Minister, Minister for Māori Crown Relations Kelvin Davis, Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford and Mana MP Kris Faafoi at an event with Ngāti Toa Rangātira (Ngāti Toa) and the Porirua City Council in eastern Porirua today.

The regeneration will primarily be led by HLC, a subsidiary company of Housing NZ, and will renew and build 2900 state homes and at least 2000 affordable KiwiBuild and market homes in Porirua – the first KiwiBuild homes announced in the Wellington region.

“While the revitalisation will be housing-led, we don’t intend to stop there,” said Jacinda Ardern. “We want to start a conversation with the eastern Porirua community about how to unlock the potential for social and economic growth there, and making it an even better place to live, work and raise a family.”

Kelvin Davis acknowledged the role Ngāti Toa had played in making the regeneration of eastern Porirua possible and celebrated this being the first partnership for his Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti portfolio.

“The Government and Ngāti Toa are united in wanting to improve public housing across Porirua. We are looking to enter into a partnership with the iwi where they will upgrade public housing in in Titahi Bay, Mana, Tawa, Takapuwhaia and Elsdon, while managing and upgrading 900 Housing NZ properties and tenancies in those areas.

“This is the first tangible example of the Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti portfolio in action.

“This unique agreement recognises the historical and current importance of Ngāti Toa within this community. It establishes a partnership between the Crown and Ngāti Toa, and opens up exciting possibilities for the future that will build more public housing in both eastern and western Porirua.

“Ngāti Toa is already a major health services provider in Porirua. Through their five medical centres and dental clinic they provide medical treatment for Porirua residents – regardless of whether they are iwi members or not. They will now have a base to establish themselves as a public housing provider and expand the range of services they provide the community,” Kelvin Davis said.

Phil Twyford said that many of the 2,000 state homes in eastern Porirua will be replaced with a mix of new warm, dry high quality public housing as well as affordable KiwiBuild and market homes. These include the suburbs of Ascot Park, Waitangirua, Cannons Creek and Ranui. There will also be 150 additional new homes added to the public housing stock elsewhere in Porirua.

“As a result of today’s announcement, not only will eastern Porirua public housing tenants get new housing, but all of Porirua will benefit from the jobs created, and from having people attracted to the area by new affordable, KiwiBuild starter homes.

“All existing tenants in eastern and western Porirua will continue to be housed under the terms of their current tenancy agreement, and will continue to have access to the help and support that all public housing tenants can access.

“This redevelopment is the fourth that we have announced across New Zealand to provide thousands of families with new homes, and is the first Government project to be approved under a wellbeing framework,” Phil Twyford said.

Kris Faafoi MP said over many years the residents of eastern Porirua had been given false hope, with promises of change that had not materialised.

“This Porirua community has, through leadership of its churches, residents and fundraisers, built their own halls, meeting places and parks and playgrounds. Residents have fought hard to create a community for their children and grandchildren here. Like all New Zealanders, they deserve warm, dry, decent houses.

“This Government is going to deliver that finally. We will work with the eastern Porirua community to make this regeneration a reality,” Kris Faafoi said.

More information on the project can be found at www.poriruadevelopment.co.nz.

HLC, which is leading the development, will also be based at the Cannons Creek Shopping Centre car park over the next few months, for residents to drop-in and learn more about the project.


  1. Ben Schrader, 2. November 2018, 10:10

    This is an exciting and much-needed re-development of Porirua’s state housing communities, but I hope consideration is also being given to preserving some of the heritage values of the area. Porirua was New Zealand’s first satellite city (to Wellington) and its state housing stock was cutting edge for its time. Porirua’s planning reflected an ambition to use land more intensively – through semi-detached and terrace housing – without compromising the Kiwi preference for backyard space and a garden.

    The move towards further intensification is necessary to create a more environmentally sustainable city. At the same time it would be invaluable for future generations if pockets of the existing housing stock are retained and restored to show Porirua’s evolution towards this goal.

  2. Hel, 2. November 2018, 21:55

    Great news and very welcome. Hope they have some plans in there somewhere to upgrade the sewerage plant capacity and please run a bulldozer through the Cannons Creek shops.

  3. michael, 3. November 2018, 13:27

    I do not understand why the government doesn’t support co-operative housing to help reduce costs and get people get into homes. $1.5 billion would go a lot further!
    Since 1973 the Irish co-operative housing association has supported 5,500 people into homes.
    In Sweden after WWII when thousands of people couldn’t afford a house, co-operative housing started and as the co-operative housing association has grown “40 percent of all housing in Norway’s capital, Oslo, a city of more than 600,000, is owned and managed through such associations”. But a major problem seems to be that “there has to be a change in thinking – away from private developers”.

  4. Harry M, 3. November 2018, 13:39

    Although I am hardly a Labour Party enthusiast I did think that the advent of a Prime Minister refreshingly different from the grey-suited, grey-minded lot of recent years might bring a positive change in government agendas. I am beginning to think otherwise and particularly concerning the Kiwibuild scheme. With houses costing between $300,000 and $600,000 – and allocated by ballot instead of by greatest need – what are the Labour Party thinking of?
    Consider one of the alternative ways of helping families in greatest need. I quote from the Habitat for Humanity website;
    “The current average cost for a Habitat home is $90,000. Habitat homes are sold to partner families for no profit and are financed with an affordable mortgage”.
    That’s more in line with the first Labour government’s housing scheme after the Great Depression when they financed state house building via the Reserve Bank. Habitat can’t build many homes because they don’t have the funding. Imagine what they could do with a fraction of the $2 billion going into Kiwibuild. So why would any government not look for other ways to organise housing for those most in need? I’m not advocating politics of envy. If well-off people want expensive houses so be it. But surely governments should be paying the most attention to those most in need. And looking for the most economical ways of doing it.

  5. Shar, 3. November 2018, 20:36

    Hi, I am very interested in learning what criteria I need to meet to be eligible for this project. Please advise.

  6. michael, 3. November 2018, 20:47

    @ Harry : Can’t agree more. Instead of seriously looking for better and cheaper alternatives, NZ keeps going down the same old track. It is time we looked to what has worked well overseas and think outside the square. The only winners in the current scheme are the developers. The losers are the home buyers and overburdened taxpayers.