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Police working to keep motorbikes out of Porirua parks

Press Release – Porirua City Council
As the warmer weather arrives, unfortunately so does the sound of zooming motorbikes in Porirua’s parks and reserves.

It’s a perennial problem, Parks Manager Olivia Dovey says, and the nuisance value and health and safety aspect are ever-present with this issue.

“Our parks are places for people to enjoy, not be worried about what might be travelling at speed around the next corner towards them,” Ms Dovey said.

“We often get calls and complaints from people being scared out of certain parks by these riders.”

It is illegal to ride a motorbike in any Porirua park or reserve and Ms Dovey said anyone seeing it taking place should call police on *555 immediately.

“We are actively working with police and will continue to do so.

“My advice to anyone looking to potentially buy a motorbike, large or small, for someone for Christmas – don’t do it unless you have private property to ride it.”

Constable Duncan Ashton, from the Cannons Creek Neighbourhood Policing Team, said they want any information on these motorbikes.

“They’re everything from the little cc ones to motor scooters and go-karts and they are a hazard and illegal to ride in our parks and reserves,” he said.

“We’ve seen parents riding with their toddlers on the front, so they can be a danger to themselves.

“They’re damaging the parks as well. We’ll be looking at fines and arrests.”

Constable Ashton said people can anonymously call Crimestoppers if they have information on 0800 555 111 or *555 to report a motorbike.

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