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Roger Blakeley to speak at AGM of Save the Basin

News from Save the Basin
The annual meeting of Save the Basin Campaign Inc. is to be held on Thursday.

The venue is the Mezzanine Room, Central Library, 65 Victoria Street. with the meeting starting at 5.45.

At 6.15 the guest speaker will be Councillor Roger Blakeley.

Dr Blakeley is a Councillor in the Greater Wellington Regional Council and Member, Capital and Coast District Health Board. He is a former Chief Executive of the Ministry for the Environment (1986 to 1995), and has held many other significant roles in central and local government. He has a deep knowledge of and interest in transport issues.

Cllr Blakeley’s topic will be “Essentials of a 21st Century Transport Strategy”, and following his presentation, there’ll be a panel consisting of Cllr Blakeley and Save the Basin Campaign Inc. co-convenors Jo Newman and Tim Jones. We expect to finish the formal business of the AGM by 6.15pm, and then have approximately 20 minutes each for Roger’s presentation and the panel that follows.

About the panel discussion

There are some questions Cllr Blakeley may not be able to respond to due to his elected roles. However, individually or collectively, the panel should be able to address a wide range of Wellington transport topics, ranging from broad issues of transport strategy, to current and forthcoming Wellington transport developments, to current and planned future developments at the Basin Reserve.


  1. Paul, 19. November 2018, 14:46

    A regional councillor expounding on the “Essentials of a 21st Century Transport Strategy” should be hilarious …. recent evidence suggests that being fit for purpose and meeting customer requirements aren’t high in the regional council’s strategy.

  2. greenwelly, 19. November 2018, 15:25

    There are some questions Cllr Blakeley may not be able to respond to due to his elected roles You mean anything about buses and how the council managed to oversee such a disaster….

  3. Roy Kutel, 19. November 2018, 16:07

    My crystal ball forecasts a hub based Light Rail system for Wellington in 2028 called the Blakeley Bullet……

  4. Neil Miller, 19. November 2018, 18:39

    As an engineer, Roger Blakeley understands what is practical. Squeezing more and more cars into the central city is not an answer to congestion. [via twitter]