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Call for Event Centre to be supported as option in Karori consultation

News from Karori Community Hall Trust
The Wellington City Council is proposing to spend $1 million on improving the Karori Town Centre as part of its public consultation on proposed improvements. Wallace Simmers, chair of the Karori Community Hall Trust, has called for the Council to consider a fifth option (Option E) as part of the consultation.

“I would love to see the Karori Event Centre added as a fifth option, an Option ‘E’, to the public consultation”.

The Karori Event Centre is in the town centre and is part of and surrounded by the town centre’s open space.

The Council’s public consultation was launched on Wednesday last week and proposes four options to improve the Karori Town Centre. The four options include: widening footpaths, new paving and plantings, new street furniture and lighting, the removal of some car parks, and changing from angle parking to parallel parking outside the Mall.

“Adding the Karori Event Centre as a fifth option, so that it can receive some of the $1 million, makes sense” says Wallace Simmers. The Event Centre is expected to provide: movie evenings, a much needed sound proofed music practice venue for our youth, a community meeting place, and a venue for performing arts and exhibitions.

The Karori Event Centre meets and delivers on all the strategies and criteria, that have been discussed over the last 3 years, that will make Karori a vibrant destination. It delivers on everything the community has asked for.

“We need a destination first, so we know what open spaces should be improved, or where we need improved spaces? I believe the Karori Event Centre will provide more tangible benefits to the town centre than any other improvement programme could deliver. Its better bang for our buck!”, says Wallace.

The Karori Event Centre is seeking to raise around $800,000 to complete the fit-out of building so it can open. And is seeking an additional $400,000 to enable the Karori Event Centre to be the first operational eSport venue in the wider Wellington region.

Wallace points out that strong support for the Karori Event Centre has already been shown by the generous financial support already raised from the Karori community. Of the $2.4 million already raised for the building shell, $800,000 has come from the Karori community.

It’s clear the community want the Karori Event Centre open as soon as possible. Ongoing delays in opening the Karori Event Centre are expected to result in donations being eaten away by ongoing insurance and maintenance costs. “We need the Karori Event Centre to be open so we can begin earning revenue to pay for its ongoing maintenance and operational costs”, says Wallace.

Submissions on the Karori Town Centre Improvement consultation close on 28 November. Information about the consultation can be found on the council’s webpage.

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