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  1. Ron Beernink, 7. December 2018, 9:00

    Fantastic article, Regan. Not an easy problem to fix. It definitely needs to be considered from a wider perspective than just cycling, and with its local community values and objectives at heart. What is it we want to leave for our next generations? Definitely not a suburb that is defined as a vehicle-heavy busy commuter route.

  2. Curtis Nixon, 7. December 2018, 11:52

    Excellent analysis Regan. Berhampore desperately needs some destination branding and beautification. I’m very much in favour of some “Berhampore is buzzing” or like signage, street beautification with murals, planting and sculpture, and some infrastructure improvements around cycling and walking.

    Your idea about retail moving onto Luxford St has occurred to me. There is the space for shops and parking but how to start the process. One weird part of the retail scene here that has always puzzled me is the number of empty retail shops that have never had tenants in the nearly 10 years I have been living in Berhampore. These add to the ‘dead zone’ feeling.

    As far as cycleways I am in favour of the off-street versions cutting through the east and west sides of the golf course.and through MacAlister Park. As shared paths these will be good for walkability. Luxford St has a unique position as a connector between Rintoul and Adelaide and has space for one-way, on-road cycleways. Getting through the tight stretch of Adelaide Rd between Britomart and Luxford Sts is the big challenge. Maybe a shared path, which is the least favoured option of the planners but I can’t accept removing parking outside the shops so can’t see another option. Quite a challenge.

  3. Patrick Morgan, Cycling Action Network, 7. December 2018, 11:55

    Luxford Street is crying out for an upgrade. It is wide, flattish and connects two shopping areas. It is an ideal location for the healthy streets treatment.
    Let’s add more trees, seats, art and a pocket park. I predict we’ll love the result. It will be the heart of Berhampore.
    More at https://healthystreets.com/

  4. Kerry, 7. December 2018, 20:53

    Good article, nasty problem. I make it 15m wide in the worst place, 5m narrower than Riddiford Street. Something has to give: widen, bypass, relocate the shops, whatever. Any ideas?

  5. Bernard C, 8. December 2018, 9:16

    Personally I don’t think there is a problem with Berhampore. it’s important we see the actual, not start imagining things that can be improved are problems.
    Many of the new cycleways have narrowed the road too much and made it unsafe – two buses can no longer fit on the top of Newtown hill before the Kilbirne roundabout. Sadly the council seems to always be plotting more stupid which is costly on many levels for us.

  6. Benjamin Ormsby, 8. December 2018, 10:20

    Why not just remove private vehicles entirely? Problem solved. Have bus lanes, cycle/scooter lanes, pedestrian footpaths – that’s it. Plenty of examples of removing road space for private vehicles and the traffic disappearing. Great incentive to get people into other modes.

    When it comes to transport, what you feed is what grows. So stop feeding private vehicles with more roadspace, and start prioritising PT and active modes.

  7. Curtis Nixon, 8. December 2018, 11:42

    I agree with you to a certain extent Benjamin but on the other hand Regan’s article decrys the weak business activity in Berhampore and removing the parking from outside their premises could have a large impact on them.

  8. Traveller, 8. December 2018, 11:50

    You could easily remove all parking on the western side of the street – which would allow space for a cycleway if not a second lane of traffic to help reduce congestion at the lights. The timing of the lights should be reconsidered too. And Regan’s suggestion of more off-street parking is relevant.

  9. Benjamin Ormsby, 8. December 2018, 16:29

    @curtis But of course, that’s assuming that the majority of customers are arriving by car (something retailers generally overestimate). If you create an environment that attracts people, you will have more customers. And clearly with businesses closing, the current level of parking hasn’t helped.

    There are many examples of increasing business profits in areas where cars and car parking has been removed.

  10. luke, 9. December 2018, 10:57

    A struggling business dependant on ratepayer subsidized carparking isnt worth saving.

  11. William, 11. December 2018, 16:42

    The solution to the horrendous through traffic problem is not just to implore Berhampore residents to use their cars less (as you detail they’re already doing their share of that), but to minimise traffic from Island Bay and Kingston. This could be achieved by borrowing from Dutch practice where in some towns it is necessary to drive the long way round to get to the other side of town, but buses, cycles, scooters and pedestrians can travel directly. Known as filtered permeability, it could easily be achieved by installing retractable bollards at the top of Britomart St and on Adelaide Rd at Wakefield Park. Buses & emergency vehicles would automatically trigger the bollards to retract but other motor vehicles aren’t allowed to pass. Cycles, mobility scooters etc can pass between the bollards. It then encourages car travellers to use public transport or bikes etc.
    Alternatively, the drastic changes we’ll soon need to implement to reduce our transport CO2 emissions will achieve a similar result.