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Greg Campbell tells MPs: buses are getting more reliable and more punctual

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council
Lifts in the performance of Wellington’s bus network were reported to the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee at an update at Parliament today.

Greater Wellington Regional Council Chief Executive Greg Campbell detailed improvements in bus reliability, punctuality and capacity, since changes were implemented to the new network last month.

“We have completed adjustments to twelve key bus routes across Wellington city to deliver improved reliability, better connections between services and add more morning and evening services. Another comprehensive suite of changes is planned for February.”

Campbell expressed confidence that the February changes would lift performance further.

“There are another 17 public routes and 19 school routes which will see improvements. Our customers will notice the difference”.

Campbell also spoke on the work of Metlink’s new Customer Experience team which has been travelling the length of the network each day gathering insight from customers, drivers and community groups. A public transport reference group, which includes people from community and residents’ associations, youth, elderly, disabled and public transport communities, has also been meeting monthly with GWRC and gives free and frank feedback on the performance of the network along with suggested improvements.

“We have identified key route issues and have begun fixes. Yesterday Council approved reinstatement of a direct peak hour service to Vogeltown. We got it wrong there”.

“I am very aware of the difficulties we have encountered and how this has affected people”. Campbell apologised again to all those affected and committed to keep working to improve overall performance.

Campbell was presenting the update alongside GWRC chair Cr Chris Laidlaw, Cr Barbara Donaldson, and General Manager, Public Transport, Wayne Hastie.

The complete submission to MPs can be found here

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  1. Traveller, 6. December 2018, 23:00

    In the full report to MPs he says the driver shortage is caused by illness. In his report to councillors, he said it was a “systemic shortage.” Which is the true story?

  2. Graham C Atkinson, 7. December 2018, 10:03

    It is no secret that every large transport company in New Zealand reports a shortage of drivers; as do similar operations in Australia and the UK. However recently both Tranzurban and NZ Bus appear to have higher levels of sick reporting than was the norm for this time of year.

  3. aom, 7. December 2018, 10:38

    Graham – nothing to do with poor remuneration and work conditions of course!

  4. greenwelly, 7. December 2018, 15:39

    From the report: “While the Reef Street charger is taking longer to commission than expected”
    …. So as of yesterday (6 Dec) Reef Street is still not commissioned. Come on guys, we were promised that “it’s only weeks away” for the last 5 months…. What is the problem?

  5. Newtown, 7. December 2018, 19:03

    Good on Nicola Willis for asking some hard questions and not accepting mediocrity.

  6. Chris Horne, 9. December 2018, 15:55

    Residents of Mairangi and Northland want our no. 22 bus service, which now starts and finishes at Wellington Station, to link Wellington Station, via the Golden Mile, Kent/Cambridge terraces, Basin Reserve, the several schools, Adelaide Rd, Riddiford St/ Wellington Hospital/Newtown shops and Wellingtion Zoo.

    Terminating and starting the service at Wellington Station is a pain and considerable inconvenience. Greater Wellington Regional Council must treat bus services as just that – SERVICES. Expanding our bus service so that it links the places it used to before 15 July would add a mere two buses per hour to bus congestion along the Golden Mile. Trifling indeed! GWRC should move swiftly to right the wrong of eliminating the most useful parts of our pre-15 July service.

    We residents of Mairangi and Northland would be grateful, and no doubt Wellington Zoo’s patronage would get a boost.

  7. Pauline, 9. December 2018, 20:10

    Thanks Chris and on your advice I have several times got the Wrights Hill Bus and changed at Kelburn shops. It’s a long wait and sure takes a lot longer…so get the Wilton bus but a much longer walk for an “old” lady!

  8. Chris Horne, 10. December 2018, 11:32

    Pauline – you have found, as I have found, that the timetabled “Connection” between no. 21 Courtenay Place – Wrights Hill buses, and Wellington Station – Northland/Mairangi buses, usually fails to materialise. Thus we passengers have to wait half an hour, weekdays and Saturdays, and an hour on Sundays, for the next service. Why? – because the bus on one route consistently fails to wait for the bus on the other route at the alleged connection time and location – Kelburn Parade at Victoria University. Thus if we passengers want to change buses to get home to Wrights Hill, or to Northland/Mairangi, we should carry a book or a newspaper to read while we wait for our bus home.

  9. Keith Flinders, 10. December 2018, 11:53

    I came away from the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee meeting totally unimpressed by the performance of the four GWRC representatives reading from prepared statements. Apart from the all day running of the 18e and a few banker buses, nothing has changed from the September meeting.

    Lack of capacity wasn’t addressed on Thursday and is still a major concern for Karori/Northland bus users, as after 5 months we still do not have combined the peak hour capacity from Courtenay Place in the late afternoons as pre 17 July. Eastern suburbs users report similar.

  10. Michael Gibson, 10. December 2018, 18:12

    The problem identified with the proposal for Northland buses was the subject of universal adverse criticism during the “consultation” phase (which GW trots out as some sort of excuse for mucking us up).
    It is ridiculous to go to the Railway Station before you can get to the end of Lambton Quay or Courtenay Place – or the zoo.
    A plea to drivers: turn right at the bottom of Bowen Street instead of taking us further from Central Wellington by turning left.

  11. Concerned Wellingtonian, 12. December 2018, 19:29

    GW must be copping some awful criticism since they are keeping the “Findings of independent bus network review” secret and discussing it only after the public have been kicked out. Can lots of people ask for it as official information?

  12. greenwelly, 13. December 2018, 7:42

    @ Concerned Wellingtonian, You can try to get it under the LGOIMA, but they would likely refuse and then wait until they got told off by the Ombudsman until they ultimately release it much, much later..Then they will run the regular defence of:
    “The report was about how things were in the past, but in the last 6 months (while we refused to release the report) we have made lots of changes and it is not longer a reflection of the current situation….”