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  1. Patrick Morgan, Cycling Action Network, 14. December 2018, 14:36

    The Hutt is streets ahead of Wellington on this one. Why are we waiting?

  2. greenwelly, 14. December 2018, 15:48

    possibly the same reason we don’t have Paxsters here?

  3. Cecil Roads, 14. December 2018, 19:20

    Give ’em six months and some hospitalized pedestrians and they’ll be pulled.

  4. Andy Mellon, 14. December 2018, 19:40

    I’m waiting to see how this goes. I walk everywhere in the Hutt (walked out to Gracefield and back for work today) and saw a couple of these in use. One person blazing at full speed down the footpath seemed pretty dangerous to me. Fortunately, I was on the opposite pavement.

  5. Marion Leader, 15. December 2018, 6:43

    Do you have to look both ways when you come out of your front gate?

  6. Tara, 15. December 2018, 11:00

    I don’t see how these can be allowed on the footpath and why they are not allowed in designated bike lanes! As a pedestrian I’m not that keen on competing for space..

  7. luke, 15. December 2018, 11:16

    Id rather be hit by a limescooter than a car & every person on a lime scooter is one less motorist.

  8. Isabella, 15. December 2018, 13:09

    All micromobility causing problems on footpaths (scooters, bikes, skateboards, segways, etc) is a smoking gun for “there is lots of latent demand for rori iti (little roads)”

    so let’s get on and build them already! Widen footpaths, delineate (e.g. with a lip) dedicate space that’s only for slow-moving / vulnerable / pausing people, and voila – rori iti, and see everyone get flowing!

  9. Lyn, 15. December 2018, 19:21

    Why aren’t these riders required to wear helmets. I have seen them on the road going at quite a speed and weaving in and out between cars. They are a danger to others and themselves and it wont be long before someone is seriously hurt. I hope the councils are well insured.

  10. Heidi P, 16. December 2018, 6:05

    These limeys are not car drivers most are bus commuters and do not reduce number of motorists.