Wellington Scoop

A Saturday Metlink story

by Feargus ORaghallaigh
Metlink, Metlink, Metlink,
How wonderful you are.
Guru, Justin, not that you’re responsible but yes, good on’ya (anyway).
And my old friend, Regional Chris. Ya dun us proud today.

I love the Basin.
Eleven start?
Not a bother.
Half nine x Waikanae?
An hour and a stroll to the ground.


Thank you conductor (or whatever your official label now is in French).
Thank you for being as surprised as the rest of us to discover shortly after departure …
… last stop Porirua.
Buses thereafter.

No, not taking any money, check it and (return) ticket with the man in Wellington.
Talk about a surprise?
Well it was too with the man in Wellington, when we all got there.

As for the old guy in Tawa (or Linden?) and the tourists with bags, a magical mystery tour too.
Och well.

Three wickets?
Forget that too.

It was nonetheless a good day Chris.
They’re rebuilding the Basin by the way.
No motorway.
No runway (hopefully, Justin).
Just an oval and a roundabout (you might not like).
Check out Ballygawley by the way (and Paul Muldoon).

And the trip home?
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
I particularly loved the clapped-out wheeze-bus panting through the Gorge, just made it!!!
Like a year ago.

Gosh Chris! You’re a class act.
Metlink for ever and ever.
G’d on ya mate.

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