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VUW has nothing to say about rejection of name change

News from VUW
Victoria University of Wellington is considering the decision announced today by the Minister of Education on a proposed change in name to ‘University of Wellington’.

Chancellor Neil Paviour-Smith says University Council members will be considering the letter received from the Minister before any comment is made and before any discussion of next steps.

In September, the University Council recommended to the Minister of Education that University of Wellington be approved as the new legal name for the University, and that a new Māori name of Te Herenga Waka be adopted.

The Council’s decision followed well over a year of research, seeking advice from experts and discussion with staff, students, alumni and stakeholders, including a consultation period during which close to 2,500 submissions were received.

Information about the reasons underpinning the University Council recommendation to change the name can be found on the University’s website.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford says that in the meantime, it will be business as usual at the University.

“We have had a very successful 2018 with strong growth in research quality, quantity and impact, and a significant lift in enrolments in response to the high-quality student experience at the University and in Wellington.

“In addition, the passion our alumni feel for their alma mater has been very evident. Overall alumni engagement has increased this year with more alumni attending events, donating and signing up to provide mentoring of current students—support that, now more than ever, is very important to the institution’s future.”


  1. Nicola Willis, 18. December 2018, 17:57

    Disappointing to hear VUW is considering a legal challenge to the name-change decision. The proposal has been rejected by students, graduates & the Minister of Education. Just move on. Please don’t pour further time & money into this saga. [via twitter]

  2. Morris Oxford, 18. December 2018, 19:02

    Well done to Nicola for her work on this issue.

  3. Sylvia Bagnall, 18. December 2018, 21:54

    Idiot idea.Thanks to the resistance!

  4. Tony Jansen, 19. December 2018, 10:26

    Firstly we should all be calling for Guilford to resign. Not just for the arrogance and lack of accountability over this stupid endeavour. There is also the debacle over the sale of the Karori Campus to contend with.
    Secondly, since Nicola is now forging a path cleaning up after Steven Joyce, perhaps she should turn her attention to this issue and support not only the call for Guilford’s resignation, but the restructuring of the VUW Council. After all it was Joyce’s meddling in this that was the precursor to all this nonsense.

  5. Neil Douglas, 19. December 2018, 11:13

    I actually have come around to Grant Guildford’s name change. Lots of Universities have been renamed. What would be wrong with University of Wellington? Most Universities are named after their city after all (Auckland University and Christchurch Universities for example). In a 10-20 years time, Grant would probably be thanked and considered a visionary but not today in staid, conservative Wellington that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

  6. Jonny Utzone, 19. December 2018, 14:27

    I think you mean Canterbury University Neil? Or perhaps Canterbury- Christ-Church University England?