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Rotary club helps find veins at Children’s Hospital

Press Release – Wellington Hospitals Foundation
Children’s tiny veins will now be a lot easier to find at Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital thanks to the Rotary Club of Mount Victoria.

Wellington Hospitals Foundation, Wellington Children’s Hospital’s official charity, has received a grant from the club to purchase a new AccuVein Vein Finder device. The AccuVien device will greatly reduce the stress for young children who require the insertion of an Intravenous (IV) line or an injection.

“Finding a vein to administer medication or IV fluid to babies and children can prove difficult. The AccuVein device digitally lights up and displays a map of blood vessels, including veins, arteries, the aorta and capillaries on the surface of the skin in real time. This technology enables medical staff to locate often hard-to-find veins in young patients” explained Charlotte Stanczuk (Clinical Nurse Specialist at Wellington Children’s Hospital) at the presentation of the device.

Not only does the AccuVein device make inserting an IV less painful and stressful for children and staff, it also helps avoid cross contamination as it is a non-contact device.

The Rotary Club of Mount Victoria have been supporters of Wellington Hospitals Foundation for many years and are delighted to help improve the care for our region’s youngest and sickest patients. Bill Day, Chair of Wellington Hospitals Foundation, said: “We are very grateful for Rotary’s support our current children’s hospital, and of the new children’s hospital, which is currently being built.”

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