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Brazilian Embassy occupied in protest against new president

Press Release from Organise Aotearoa
Today the Brazilian Embassy in Wellington was occupied by Organise Aotearoa, an emerging socialist organisation based in Aotearoa, to protest against the newly inaugurated far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s first day in office.

Activists occupied the embassy in solidarity with the people of Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro controversially emerged victorious in Brazil’s national elections last year despite huge public outcry. His plans to rollback protections of the Amazon forest and attacks on indigenous and LGBT rights in Brazil threaten working class Brazilians.

Organise Aotearoa’s spokesperson Kat Buissink notes “It was important to occupy the embassy today because the Brazilian Embassy in New Zealand represents a fascist government, we want to make it clear to the Brazilian regime that the people of Aotearoa do not accept fascism in any form, including a diplomatic presence.”

According to Buissink, political killings, beatings, and hate crimes have been on the rise during Bolsonaro campaign, perpetrated by his supporters. “The new government encourages and enables this brutality both through policy and the actions of Bolsonaro personally.”

Already Bolsonaro moved responsibility for the demarcation of indigenous land to the Ministry of Agriculture, allowing it to be opened up for commercial land grabs; lowered the minimum wage, and abolished the Public Safety, Social Development, Labor, Culture and Environment Ministries. The new Minister of Human Rights, Family and Women is opposed to against abortion and sex education. Bolsonaro has also made comments which have been seen endorse violence against indigenous groups, women and the LGBT population.

Organise Aotearoa is calling for the expulsion of the Brazilian Ambassador to New Zealand and the recall of the New Zealand Ambassador in Brasilia. “We occupied the embassy under a banner reading ‘No Relations with Fascist Nations’ and will continue to stand by this principle and resist the Brazilian government’s presence in Aotearoa.”


  1. Rjay, 3. January 2019, 20:37

    How can the state be undemocratic if Brazil has just elected a new president? Unless he is toppled by undemocratic means (like occupying public buildings).

  2. aom, 3. January 2019, 23:02

    Rjay – it seems you have failed to check the recent history of ‘democratic’ Brazil and you have little appreciation of what is in store with Jair Bolsonaro. Do you have no conception of what the accelerated genocide of ancient tribes, the licence to kill being afforded those that oppose the ruling elite and the probable international global impact of deforestation on a grand scale in Brazil will be? The belief that democracy in the hands of a self-proclaimed aspiring dictator will be benevolent is extremely naive. It was not without reason that Bolsonaro nearly didn’t survive the run-up to the election.

  3. Carlos Eduardo, 4. January 2019, 1:09

    Bolsonaro won the election not only in Brazil but also in New Zealand (where Brazilians voted in Wellington and Auckland ) as well as many other countries around the world.

    Who do these people think it is to speak for all Brazilians and all Kiwis … they do not have the authority to do this, they are undemocratic (the real Fascists)

  4. Sean OConnor, 4. January 2019, 1:49

    Here in NZ, Bolsonaro won more votes than Haddad. These protestors should get their illegitimate heads out of there ASAP and be thrown in jail, preferably a Brazilian one.

  5. Alf the Aspirational Apteryx, 4. January 2019, 9:45

    The occupation of an embassy is a very serious matter – the sort of thing that happened after the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979. But in Wellington in 2019? Where were the Police? Protecting foreign missions is law and order 101.

  6. Osvaldo Coelho, 4. January 2019, 18:04

    This is a minority and does not represent the good people of New Zealand.

  7. aom, 4. January 2019, 20:48

    Did it occur to you Osvaldo, that what you assume is a minority, may well represent the values of a vast number of enlightened and politically aware New Zealanders? Who in their right mind would want to support the vile political intents and dictatorial aspirations of Bolsonaro? Thankfully, there are many Brazilian nationals in NZ who subscribe to the inclusive and environmentally sensitive values that a vast number of us subscribe to. They are the people who will no doubt continue to contribute to the worth of New Zealand society until there is a political change that will draw them back to rebuild Brazil. More immediately, it will be interesting to see how many Bolsonaro supporters will repatriate to support the political change in their ‘home’ country.

  8. Gary, 5. January 2019, 4:17

    Organize Aotearoa should stop acting like a bunch of losers over issues New Zealanders couldn’t care less about.

  9. CC, 5. January 2019, 11:08

    Gary – does the loss of the Brazilian Rainforest with consequent climate change impacts seem inconsequential? Is the annihilation of ancient tribes to enable extractive capitalism to enrich the few a lost cause? Since Brazil has the fifth largest population in the world, should the risk of a fragile democracy becoming a fascist dictatorship not be a cause for concern. It is time those who won’t even spare a thought for the concerns Organise Aotearoa referred back to famous quote of anti-Nazi Pastor Martin Niemoller. Ironically it starts with the words, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out ……”

  10. Harry M, 5. January 2019, 12:50

    Love the irony of fascists condemning fascists. Sure you should speak out and expose fascism, but you should not act like one. And when did mob rule/democracy become so desirable, especially when the mob is ignorant. Globally I still haven’t seen this so called democracy in action just in words, so it’s still just a myth.

  11. Trevor H, 5. January 2019, 18:57

    The Brazilian people made their choice. It’s called democracy and it must be respected, as must the inviolability of an embassy. As a longtime Wellingtonian I am very angry at this abuse of our responsibilities to foreign guests in our city.

  12. Anthropocenic, 7. January 2019, 13:21

    Everyone minimally informed knows that Brazil has been engulfed by an ideology which presumes that communism or a globalist order are going to take their country. Moreover, Brazil has made clear that its government has no compromises with the environment and the fight against climate change, following Donald Trump in this and other regards as moving their embassy to Jerusalem. Bolsonaro got elected under these premises, this comes as proof that rightwing conservatism is dangerous and should have no place in New Zealand.

  13. Tony Jansen, 8. January 2019, 12:07

    In a democracy we have the right of free speech and of peaceful protest.
    Those of you defending the would-be dictator should grow up and smarten up. Go live there if you think it’s so great.

  14. Graham C Atkinson, 8. January 2019, 15:39

    I agree Tony Jansen we have the right to free speech and peaceful protest but NOT the right to invade another country’s diplomatic space/property. And even if we don’t like the outcome we have to recognise that the Brazilian election was probably a lot more transparent than many others so was the outcome of the will of the people.

  15. aom, 8. January 2019, 17:45

    The photos indicate a pretty docile ‘invasion.’ No yellow jackets, physical violence or fires, an absence of Police, teargas or the military. All in all, it looks more like a quiet visit to display a banner and to express concerns to the ambassador. Since he was no doubt appointed by the Rousseff government he was probably pretty sympathetic to the cause.

  16. Joaquin, 1. February 2019, 1:06

    Well done ! A quote from the New Testament: “Woe to the man whom scandal comes”, St. Matthew 18:7. The rise of the Theo-Fascist “Evangelical “ Booronaro makes a nice pair with the rise of The Manchurian Orange President. This got zero coverage here in the USA – keep it up ! Down with all tyrants!