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Couple rescued from drifting raft off Petone Wharf

Report from Moana Gisa
My family and I went to Petone wharf on January 2nd. After being there for 15 minutes – my husband was diving in with the kids – we heard people calling out for help.

It being so windy, we saw a raft drifting further and further with a couple yelling out for help.

My husband come up the ladder, asked for the key, ran to the car to grab what he could to try to save this couple, while i was on the phone with the police.

My husband was back in minutes. He jumped in the water swimming 200-300 meters to reach the couple and brought them back pulling them with a rope as he swam back to the wharf, where a police officer stood and watched.

Stories like this should be out there. It’s not fair some stories are and some aren’t. If it weren’t for my husband risking his own life, who knows what would have happened.