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Congestion on SH1 after crash at Paekakariki intersection

There’s been another crash on State Highway 1 on the Kapiti coast today – this one at the intersection with Beach Road at Paekakariki.

The crash, which injured several people, involved a truck and two cars. Police said it happened at 4.50, while the NZTA said it happened at 5.10pm. The result was that main road traffic in both directions was stopped.

At 5.25, the NZTA advised that the road had reopened for southbound traffic which was being diverted through the old service station.

It wasn’t so good however for travellers leaving Wellington – at 6.20, northbound traffic was stuck in a queue that was 3km long

And at 6.35, the northbound traffic was queued back to Pukerua Bay, and a southbound queue was forming at Poplar Avenue.

Congestion wasn’t easing till 7.40pm, when the crash wreckage had been removed.


  1. Cath Robinson, 8. January 2019, 21:53

    Yet another accident, with all the associated chaos and hurt, at an intersection with SH 1 where a community of approximately 2000 people have no egress, out or in, except to cross SH1 traffic that is travelling at 70 kilometres per hour, and drive over a busy commuter railway line. With no traffic lights! How many still to die or be injured before this negligence is addressed ?

  2. greenwelly, 9. January 2019, 7:46

    Won’t Tranmission Gully remove most of the traffic off this stretch of SH1?


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