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Signals fault stops trains on Hutt Valley line

News from MetLink
All Hutt Valley train services departing from Wellington and Upper Hutt were suspended this morning due to a signals fault between Petone and Trentham.

Buses, not running to timetable, were replacing the trains.

Crews were onsite to assess the damage.

By mid afternoon, trains were running again but on a reduced timetable.

And from 6.30pm, the trains were to be replaced by buses, again, so that repairs to the faulty signals could be completed.

Why are signals important?

A signal relays information to the train driver on the state of the line ahead. These are red, yellow and green lights which provide direction on speed or tell the driver to stop. If a signal stops working the train staff follow procedures to safely pass. The driver may have to contact the control centre and get the okay to proceed. The train is also likely to travel slower through the area controlled by the signal as an additional safety measure.