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Wellington’s most stolen cars – Mitsubishi Lancers

Press Release – MoneyHub
The desire for a stolen Toyota Hilux, Subaru Legacy and Subaru Impreza shows no signs of diminishing, with at least two reported stolen every day around New Zealand.

Comprehensive analysis of Police data by financial comparison website MoneyHub.co.nz confirms Canterbury is the stolen car hotspot of the country, with over 800 vehicles reported stolen in the last six months of 2018.

MoneyHub published the findings on its car insurance comparison guide to inform New Zealanders of the extra insurance costs that are often associated with owning a car more likely to be stolen. MoneyHub obtained stolen car data from the New Zealand Police to reveal the 25 most stolen cars and which areas of New Zealand are prone to more theft, among other facts.

MoneyHub’s senior research Christopher Walsh says:

“Thieves had different preferences around the region. Auckland thieves lusted after the Mazda Familia more than any other car. But in Waikato, the Ford Falcon was the most stolen car, and in Southland and Otago thieves preferred the Honda Civic.

“In Wellington, Mitsubishi Lancer was most favoured, while the Toyota Hilux was popular with thieves all over the country, especially those in Canterbury, Bay of Plenty and Northland”.

“We’ve seen some interesting data points. Despite over half of all the reported thefts of Subaru Legacy models being from within Canterbury, thieves there still preferred the Toyota Hilux, with 68 stolen there in a mere 6 months”.

“If you own a Toyota Hilux, Subaru Impreza or Subaru Legacy, you could pay a lot more for car insurance than for less ‘in demand’ models by thieves. But many models continue to be in demand by thieves, and until now, there wasn’t a definite list of which models were most susceptible to being stolen”.

“When it came to stolen cars as a ratio of a region’s population, Otago and Southland reported the lowest number, while Canterbury, Northland and Counties/Manakau posed the most risk to car owners.

“Our guide to car insurance is helping thousands of New Zealanders every month save money and get the best policy. Whether or not your car model is a target by thieves may not be an obvious question to ask, but it’s certainly helpful to know, and MoneyHub is focused on getting the word out there”.

“MoneyHub will continue to analyse Police data every six months, with the aim of informing New Zealanders by making the latest stolen car data accessible”.

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New Zealand’s Most Stolen Cars: June – December 2018

# Car Model Make Number Stolen Average Stolen Per Week Most likely to be stolen in?
1 Hilux Toyota 162 6 Canterbury
2 Legacy Subaru 117 5 Canterbury
3 Impreza Subaru 93 4 Canterbury
4 Commodore (all variants) Holden 91 4 Canterbury
5 HiAce Toyota 59 2 Canterbury
6 Courier Ford 53 2 Canterbury
7 Accord Honda 52 2 Counties/Manukau
8 Primera Nissan 51 2 Canterbury
9 Corolla Toyota 50 2 Counties/Manukau
10 Lancer Holden 50 2 Counties/Manukau
11 Navara Nissan 48 2 Counties/Manukau
12 Terrano Nissan 44 2 Canterbury
13 Pulsar Nissan 41 2 Canterbury
14 Civic Honda 40 2 Counties/Manukau
15 Falcon Ford 40 2 Waikato
16 Skyline Holden 34 1 Canterbury + Counties/Manukau
17 Familia Mazda 33 1 Auckland + Canterbury
18 Odyssey Honda 32 1 Counties/Manukau
19 Safari Nissan 29 1 Canterbury
20 Demio Mazda 28 1 Counties/Manukau
21 Landcruiser Toyota 27 1 Canterbury
22 Swift Holden 27 1 Counties/Manukau
23 Tiida Nissan 25 1 Counties/Manukau
24 Al Tezza Toyota 23 1 Canterbury
25 Forester Subaru 23 1 Auckland City

Most Stolen Car by Region: June to December 2018

Region Vehicle most likely to be stolen Make
Auckland City Familia Mazda
Bay of Plenty Hilux Toyota
Canterbury Hilux Toyota
Central Impreza Subaru
Counties/Manukau Impreza Subaru
Eastern Legacy Subaru
Northland Hilux Toyota
Southern Civic Honda
Tasman (Insufficient Data) n/a
Waikato Falcon Ford
Waitemata Commodore Holden
Wellington Lancer Mitsubishi

Stolen Cars per Region as a Ratio of Population: June to December 2018

Region Number of Cars Stolen Estimated Population Stolen Cars per 10,000 People
Canterbury 831 624,000 13
Northland 187 151,692 12
Counties/Manukau 575 534,750 11
Bay of Plenty 312 305,700 10
Auckland City 391 481,740 8
Central 254 354,100 7
Eastern 154 215,000 7
Waitemata 312 597,510 5
Wellington 263 521,500 5
Waikato 233 468,800 5
Tasman 51 104,000 5
Southern 79 319,200 2
Total 3,642 4,677,992

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