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  1. Traveller, 16. January 2019, 17:44

    It doesn’t sound as if the Regional Council is in any way involved with trying to solve the bus drivers’ problems. “Disappointed” and “informing customers” are not statements to give any confidence in Barbara Donaldson or her council.

  2. Concerned Wellingtonian, 16. January 2019, 18:05

    How will Porirua be affected?

  3. Katie, 17. January 2019, 10:40

    Suddenly Cr Donaldson cares about Wellington bus users?

  4. Gary, 18. January 2019, 8:08

    Does Barbara Donaldson really understand her job as chairman of the GWRC transport committee? Does she read the information put in front of her? The buses are still going to run. Passengers are just going to get a free ride. Start using the service you want everyone else to use Barbara. Talk to the people who elected you.

  5. Rumpole, 19. January 2019, 9:42

    The Tramways Union are to be congratulated for supporting their members. Is Barbara Donaldson standing for GWRC in this year’s election? If so, Hilda and I won’t be voting for her again!

  6. Roy Kutel, 19. January 2019, 11:29

    So Rumpole and Hilda – we can attribute two votes to Barbara D. from yourselves? Thankfully it sounds like you have learned your lesson and won’t be voting for her again. Please vote for people with some real transport experience to govern our Regional Council not ex celebs, ex city councillors, and central govt wannabees.