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New resource consent planned for Shelly Bay development


Report from RNZ
A new resource consent will be lodged for a multi-million dollar development in Wellington. The $500 million development in Shelly Bay had its consents quashed by the Court of Appeal last month.

The resource consents were lodged in September 2016, but were legally challenged by a local business group called Enterprise Miramar.

After a long court battle, the Court of Appeal ruled that the Wellington City Council had got the law wrong when issuing the consent.

The developer behind it, the Wellington Company, will not challenge that decision, and neither will the City Council.

Managing Director Ian Cassels said it was more positive to learn from the court, and improve the application.

“It was clear that there are some technical issues about the consent that was put in, part around the assessment of the environment and heritage effects, and we need to address that and come back with an amended consent that deals with those issues.”

Mr Cassels said he would be proud of the development or he would not do it. “We’re very much committed to a good outcome that gives Wellington what it wants.”

He said he had asked Enterprise Miramar in the past to speak to them about the project, and said they had supported the development but then “changed course”.

The financial impact would also be borne by the owners of the land, the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust, Mr Cassels said. “Their outcome from it gets less the longer and more court cases there are. I’m not saying that’s any reason it should be rubber-stamped but it makes it more expensive and therefore the return to Port Nicholson is less as a result.”

The council would not appeal the decision because it would be a waste of money, and appealing did not give the council a guarantee of success, spokesperson Richard MacLean said.

DomPost: Appeal abandoned


  1. TrevorH, 20. January 2019, 11:12

    This project should not be consented until a second Mt Victoria tunnel has been built and the congestion on Cobham Drive has been sorted.

  2. luke, 21. January 2019, 14:31

    Hurry up and build; the housing shortage has pushed real estate prices to ridiculous levels and this is within walking, cycling and public transport distance.