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Lime scooters running safety sessions in Hutt Valley

Report from RNZ
The Lime Scooter company is running safety sessions today in the Hutt Valley.

The company is running training sessions on local road rules and rider responsibility, as part of an international multi-million dollar safety campaign.

Since Lime Scooters launched in New Zealand last October, there have been 300 Accident Compensation Corporation claims for injuries.

A 26-year-old woman riding one of the electric scooter was seriously injured yesterday in Dunedin, when she collided with a truck.

Lime’s Wellington operations manager, Sam Seiniger, said the uptake of Lime scooters had been astounding and safety remained the company’s number one priority.

News from Hutt City Council and Upper Hutt City Council – December 14
The Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt Councils have issued a permit to allow e-scooters to operate across the Hutt Valley. The e-scooters are the first of their kind in the Wellington region and will operate in most parts of Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt.

Hutt City Council and Upper Hutt City Council have been working with Lime regarding the operation of the e-scooters and will review their uptake and operation over the coming year.

“E-scooters are an exciting new way for people to move around Lower Hutt,” says Kim Kelly GM City Transformation Hutt City Council. “Transport is undergoing a major transformation. The way we view and plan for transport in our city will be informed by technology advancements in electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Next year we will be following up on the these innovations and others like e-scooters with the residents of Lower Hutt involving them in a wider discussion about transport with a joint project with WSP Opus to gather insights from residents and to showcase future transport technology at Our Future City Festival in May 2019,” says Kim Kelly.

Hutt City Council’s Deputy Mayor David Bassett says that the e-scooters will provide another transport option for the Hutt, and that safety is paramount.

“Electronic scooters provide another sustainable transport option, which is great for our community, but we need to make sure everyone is safe. Council wants those using an e-scooter to do so in a manner which is safe for themselves and others.”

Hutt City Council’s Traffic Asset Manager Damon Simmons says the Council’s transport division supports the e-scooter rollout as a viable alternative to motor vehicle use within the Hutt Valley. “We are aware of the safety concerns associated with e-scooters. Everyone operating bicycles, scooters or e-scooters are advised to always wear a helmet, operate at a speed that is safe for you and those around you, and stay as far left as possible when travelling on the road.”

Geoff Swainson, Upper Hutt City Council’s Director of Asset Management and Operations says, “The arrival of Lime Scooters is the latest in a line of personal mobility devices. Here in Upper Hutt, we are open to trialling them so we can understand how they contribute to meeting the transport needs of the community and to plan for them from both transport and urban design perspectives as they become an established mode of transport going forward.”

Lime will introduce a Safe Scoot campaign as part of the introduction of e-scooters. There will also be an education programme covering safety checks, responsible riding and correct parking including highlighting the impact of poor scooter placement to the general public. Riders will be informed about legal requirements and operating the scooters in a considerate manner.

Lime scooters has 600 e-scooters available to customers in Upper and Lower Hutt.

Details of permit

E-scooters can be ridden on the footpath or road. Rules for their usage are on the NZTA website.

Each e-scooter must have a working bell, a steady or flashing rear-facing red light, and a headlight.

E-scooters must not be parked or allowed to remain on or in inappropriate locations including on footpaths that are narrow and where they could pose a safety hazard; where they could interfere with pedestrian access generally or access to amenities; or any other areas identified by Council staff.

Lime will ensure e-scooters are effectively redistributed to avoid excessive build up in any one area.

Operations and parking, and safety and maintenance targets have been set out for Lime in the permit. These cover dangerous or hazardously placed e-scooters, unsafe or faulty e-scooters and safety inspections plus parking, and areas identified in out-of-service areas.

E-scooter users and the general public can report safety and maintenance issues by phoning Lime on 0800 467 001.