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Cheaper petrol coming to Upper Hutt as well as Wellington

News from Waitomo Group
Hamilton-based fuel supplier Waitomo Group will open a Waitomo Fuel Stop in Upper Hutt soon, stepping up price competition in the region. Having already confirmed that a new station will open in Wellington this year, Waitomo Group Managing Director Jimmy Ormsby says the new Hutt fuel stop, at 1066 Fergusson Drive, is scheduled to be operational in May.

“Motorists in the Hutt Valley and Wellington have been hurting at the pump for far too long because of the lack of any real price competition. That’s something we can put right.”

Waitomo’s low-price fuel offering has led to greater price competition in the areas where it operates.

“It’s what we do – we only ever offer customers the very best price we can – our Waitomo price – not the price we think we can get away with,” says Mr Ormsby.

“We’re a family-owned and operated company. My grandfather started Waitomo more than 70 years ago and he built the business up with hard work and an absolute commitment to fairness.

“Those are still our core values. We’re proud to be Kiwis fueling Kiwis.”

The Hutt Valley Fuel Stop on Fergusson Drive will feature six pumps offering unleaded 91, premium 95 and diesel. With resource consent granted, Waitomo Group expects Hutt motorists will be able to start filling up with low-cost fuel by May.

The Hutt and Wellington fuel stops are the next steps in Waitomo Group’s ambitious national expansion programme.

“We’re going to disrupt New Zealand’s retail fuel market,” says Mr Ormsby. “Wherever we operate, prices drop substantially. We recognised that the Hutt Valley deserved a fairer deal and greater competition, and we’re stoked to deliver them our Waitomo price.”

Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy says, “It’s good for the region that a new petrol retailer is coming to Upper Hutt and Wellington cities-adding competition to the fuel marketplace.”

Established in Te Kuiti more than 70 years ago by Desmond Ormsby, Waitomo Group now has more than 50 fuel stops stretching from Paihia in the north and as far south as Foxton. A new station in central Christchurch – Waitomo’s first move into the under-served South Island petrol market – will also open this year.