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“Timid” response to cancellation of Peka Peka interchange

Media release from Gwynn Compton
Kāpiti mayoral candidate Gwynn Compton says the New Zealand Transport Agency’s decision to cancel the Peka Peka interchange is frustrating and has called out Mayor Gurunathan’s timid response to the news as not good enough.

“I’m really frustrated by the decision from NZTA to axe the Peka Peka interchange and Mayor Gurunathan’s resigned acceptance of its cancellation. His not fighting this decision to get the interchange built while the bulldozers are still there simply isn’t good enough,” says Mr Compton.

“Too often we don’t get these big infrastructure projects done right the first time and the people of Peka Peka and Te Horo are going to have endured years of disruption with very little benefit at the end of it.”

The failure to build the interchange now also means that Waikanae will see more traffic on Te Moana Road and along the beach front, while Te Horo residents will be forced into inefficiently backtracking to Ōtaki.

“We need a Mayor who will be a relentless advocate for our region and make sure that Kāpiti gets the infrastructure it needs for the rapid growth we’re experiencing,” says Mr Compton. “With the land already available and just a northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp required, this will end up as a missed opportunity that will be regretted later.”


  1. Jerry Simon, 25. January 2019, 11:37

    I am in Te Horo, there will be no benefit at all. Access to our Boarding Cattery will require a 20-25 minute detour because clients coming from Wellington heading north have to leave at Paraparaumu or Waikanae and go back through Otaki. A detour that the client will not take. Our own driving time to Paraparaumu to get supplies will be going from 15 minutes to 24 minutes.

    When the Kapiti Expressway was built, it would not have been much investment to realize a full interchange; at this time – building the PP2O right now – it is still not many costs. The cost NZTA is talking about ($22-29million) did not sound right, considering the total costs of PP2O should be $130million.

    After the Kapiti Expressway opened, the traffic on Peka Peka Rd increased – that will become much more now. The mayor should do more than simply accept the decision.

  2. John Rankin, 25. January 2019, 14:46

    As a weekender at Te Horo Beach, while I am not happy with the decision, I understand NZTA’s reasons. They have to allocate funds so that things get built which have higher benefits than things that don’t get built.

    I agree totally with Jerry Simon’s comments. Perhaps there is a solution. Since the main beneficiaries will be us Kapiti Coast residents, KCDC might look at its road budget and see if part-funding a Peka Peka interchange might be a better use of rate-payers’ funds than some of the other projects on its books. If between them NZTA and KCDC can’t find enough money without cutting other projects with higher benefits, then I guess it’s the right decision.

    The distance between the Waikanae and Otaki interchanges is pretty typical in other countries; expressway interchanges are expensive beasts. It’s only a problem for those of us who happen to live half way between them.

  3. James, 25. January 2019, 15:48

    On the subject of interchanges on the Kapiti expressway, can anyone explain why they are arranged as two sets of crossroads with traffic light control, rather than a big roundabout. Getting on or off the expressway can mean waiting at several sets of lights, meaning the traffic doesn’t flow freely.

  4. greenwelly, 25. January 2019, 17:53

    @Jerry, PP2O is $330 Million
    But the $22-29 million doesn’t wash either, the hard bit (the bridge crossing the expressway) is done, all that is required are 2 ramps, one exiting from the south and one entering from the north. This reeks of pinching money so NZTA can fund LGWM…

  5. Michael Gibson, 25. January 2019, 18:37

    James, an hour ago I was making the exact same remark when trying to come south at the stupid interchange closest to Paraparaumu Airport. Ridiculous.