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NZ Bus drivers get pay increase and maintain working conditions

News from Wellington Tramways Union
Wellington and Hutt Valley Bus drivers working for New Zealand Bus in the Wellington region have ratified their collective agreements with the company maintaining their terms and conditions and increasing their pay.

The drivers’ union says the settlement is a wake-up call to the region’s other major bus company, Tranzit.

“It’s taken a while and it got close to industrial action, but we’ve worked through good faith negotiations with NZ Bus and we’ve got an outcome they and our members can live with.” Says Wellington Tramways Union Secretary Kevin O’Sullivan.

“By comparison, our negotiations with Tranzit have been marked by the company’s continued refusal to bargain in good faith and their repeated stalling of bargaining. It’s got to the point where we are now trying to get an agreement through facilitation with the Employment Relations Authority which is a last ditch legal process.

“We have repeatedly offered Tranzit the basic deal that NZ Bus has struck with its drivers and they have repeatedly refused it. It’s time for them to take a leaf from their competitor’s book and agree to a fair deal matching the Wellington region standard. There’s no excuse not to.”

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  1. Victor Davie, 8. February 2019, 20:34

    Well done Kevin O’Sullivan. The Wellington Tramways Union is to be congratulated for obtaining natural justice for NZ Bus drivers. Tranzit should follow suit without delay.

  2. Gary Froggatt, 9. February 2019, 8:08

    Congratulations to both the Wellington Tramways Union and NZ Bus Wellington on reaching a settlement for a new pay agreement.

  3. Cecil Roads, 9. February 2019, 9:49

    Bus fares to increase with a rate hike and fuel excise increase to follow?

  4. David Mackenzie, 11. February 2019, 7:02

    Great news. Congratulations, drivers!

  5. John James, 16. February 2019, 3:26

    So Kevin O’Sullivan got NZ Bus drivers 2% extra, but a reduction of hours for most drivers. A lot of drivers now only guaranteed 20 – 30 hours due to NZ Bus’ cost cutting shifts, and he has the gall to criticise Tranzit, who pay much more per hour and guarantee drivers 40 hours over 5 days.

  6. aom, 16. February 2019, 11:47

    So Transurban is about to be inundated with new drivers who want more pay and better conditions than with NZBus then John. Perhaps the drivers who took off to Australia will be rushing back to Wellington.