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Brooklyn residents must save water for ten days

News from Wellington Water
The Wellington suburb Brooklyn has seen an increase in water demand which is putting significant pressure on drinking-water supply to that area.

Group Manager, Network and Customer Operations Jeremy McKibbin said: “during the past week we have seen a significant increase in water demand in Brooklyn which we have been monitoring carefully, and this morning we identified a pattern of unusually high demand.

“The increase in water use is due to a number of factors including soaring summer demand and a suspected increase in leaks.

“We have prioritised leak identification and repairs and have extra crews on the ground in Brooklyn. However, we need residents to reduce their water usage for at least the next ten days while reservoir levels replenish and we able to repair known leaks,” said Mr McKibbin.

There are two reservoirs in Brooklyn, which provide water to around 20,000 residents. These reservoirs have a combined capacity of 5000 cubic litres and hold enough water for a 24 hour period.

We encourage residents to fix any leaks they find at home and to call the Council to report any leaks they see in their community.

Things you can do to reduce your water use:

• Put off watering your garden.
• Do not wash your car, avoid water blasting.
• Only use your washing machine and dishwasher when they are full.
• Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth and washing your hands.
• Reduce your shower time.
• Use the single flush button on your toilet (or apply the ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow’ rule).

Across the region we’ve see an increase in demand. We encourage all customers to be mindful of their water use.


  1. Anabel, 8. February 2019, 18:14

    It’s a suspected leak. Might want to stop Media PR work and investigate it.

  2. Andrew, 8. February 2019, 20:16

    And get a bigger reservoir. 5000 cubic litres is not enough to fill a warehouse pool.

  3. Newtown, 9. February 2019, 15:35

    Here’s a polite reminder to Wellington Water that they need to increase their infrastructure capacity to cope with:
    – A warming planet
    – A growing population

  4. Peter Kerr, 9. February 2019, 19:46

    When your water company starts using “cubic litres” in a press release, you really have to ask yourself, “Who the hell are these people running the show?” Jesus wept.

  5. Jesus, 10. February 2019, 10:44

    I was weeping about Wellington Water .

  6. Keith Flinders, 10. February 2019, 11:39

    Quite, Peter. Wellington Water being effectively part of the GWRC, the same people don’t consider the extra greenhouse emissions from a 99% diesel fleet to be a problem.

    Also the same people who:
    1. Tried to convince us that Wellington’s terrain was an advantage for battery operated buses when the exact opposite is true. Energy to get a bus up a hill is far greater than the energy gained going same hill from regenerative braking.
    2. Never did an environmental impact report into the removal of the trolley buses. PM pollution is markedly up as is noise pollution.
    3. Tried to sell us the notion the trolley buses were falling apart and had to come off the road. Some were only in service 8 years and could have operated for another 10 – 15 years.
    4. Have failed to follow through on the conversion of the 50 trolley buses in storage to battery operation. NZ Bus converted trolley 361 to battery operation and it has been operating continuously for over 12 months with no reported major issues.
    5. Who had built on unsuitable land three commercial office buildings from 2004, one now demolished, the second awaiting demolition, the third must have a question mark over its long term future.
    6. Late last year announced the completion of a flood protection scheme in the region. If I lived there I would not be getting rid of my emergency escape craft any time soon.

    I could go on !