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Getting help when it’s needed – Greens welcome Porirua trial

News from Green Party
The first trial taking place in Porirua will provide free mental health support for under 25s to ensure young people can thrive, Green Party Mental Health spokesperson Chlöe Swarbrick said today.

“This is our Confidence and Supply Agreement in action. This is the Greens in Government.

“I am thrilled the Labour Party and New Zealand First have been so receptive to ensure our young people are supported.

“My personal history with mental ill health is on the public record, alongside thousands of other New Zealanders’ stories. These struggles, compounded by poverty, trauma and isolation should not be normalised growing pains in a country that has the resources to ensure wellbeing.

“I am thrilled that this pilot has been designed to put peer support front and centre and ensure high accessibility. Young people will be able to access free support through their school, a mental health hotline, their doctor, and many more touchpoints.

“In Porirua, rangatahi aren’t going to have to book an appointment with their GP, join a long queue, and then fork out around $150 for critical support that could save their life.

“Having travelled across the country speaking to young people about mental ill health, I know that this pilot is the starting point for transformational mental healthcare in this country. I’m so happy that from today, the youth of Porirua will be able to get the help they need when they need it.

“I look forward to working with New Zealand First and Labour to further extend these trials”.


  1. Ian, 12. February 2019, 21:30

    Great initiative. Well done – we desperately need more such innovative actions – thank you!

  2. Joise Talofi, 13. February 2019, 5:39

    The mental health peer support movement is not innovative it’s from the 1980, it has not been found to be effective and importantly it’s not “early intervention”. People can go to their public hospital for free for mental health treatment, that’s what the CCDHB are paid to provide. People don’t go because of how they are treated, not treated and the stigma (*refer to feedback from DHB customers urgently needing treatment).
    Poverty remains (as a cause of suffering) and childhood/adult trauma set in by 24yrs is not touched or dealt with in this pilot by peers/GP.
    Sometimes politicians’ well meaning action (without knowledge of the subject of mental health) is a waste of time, energy & funding. To me it’s sweeping the epic failures in DHB provision of mental health services under the rug.

  3. jackson Kelly, 13. February 2019, 12:45

    awesome very much needed