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No more Snapper on Airport Flyer, and no more RTI tracking

News from GWRC
From Sunday 24 February the Airport Flyer will stop accepting Snapper as a payment method and will no longer be tracked by Metlink’s real time information services.

Although the Airport Flyer is not a Metlink service it had been using Snapper which meant Metlink were able to provide tracking information on behalf of the operator NZ Bus.

NZ Bus has now made a commercial decision to remove Snapper as a payment method from the service also known as route 91. Without the Snapper technology on board Metlink will no longer be able to track the Airport Flyer on RTI boards at bus stops, the Metlink Commuter app or the Journey Planner on the Metlink website.

NZ Bus advise that the Airport Flyer will now only accept eftpos (card) payments and cash fares. Passengers wishing to use the Airport Flyer commercial service are advised to check out the Airport Flyer website for timetable and further information: http://www.airportflyer.co.nz/


  1. Tony Jansen, 15. February 2019, 9:18

    For goodness sake why? What ever happened to integrated ticketing?
    This is a backward step from an operator that is fast showing its disdain for our city.

  2. greenwelly, 15. February 2019, 9:50

    @$12 an adult and $9 a child, its simply cheaper and easier to take a Uber/Taxi to the airport…. Well done NZBUS….

    I suspect the only people who will continue taking this service will be Goldcarders, for whom the Govt simply tips money into NZ Bus’s baseline….

  3. Casey, 15. February 2019, 10:42

    What else would you expect Tony ? GWRC and NZTA set out to make Wellington a hostile place to have a bus operation in, so NZ Bus have decided not only to reduce their costs, but to sell off their operation to an Australian private equity investor.

    Just wait until the latter start trimming cost further to maximise the return on their investment, as any prudent business is duty bound to do.

  4. James S, 15. February 2019, 17:01

    Why does GWRC/Metlink not operate its own service to the airport?

  5. Chris Baxter, 15. February 2019, 20:23

    Best answer to your question James S is to talk to Dom Post reporter Damien George by email. He does reporting for Stuff News and the Dominion Post. Some of his posts allow comments – other posts don’t. Not sure if he or the Dom Post Editor has the say. Either way – they control what we Wellingtonians read. I have cancelled this paper purely on the fact of sub standard facts and appalling reporting
    Casey: your last paragraph answered your own question.
    greenwelly – baby boomers with gold cards get a free ride by courtesy. I suspect you are one of them. Enjoy it
    Tony Jansen: Totally agree with you.

  6. luke, 18. February 2019, 13:47

    number 2 bus goes close to the airport, I use that.