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More morning delays for southbound Wellington traffic

There were more delays this morning for motorists driving into Wellington.

At 7.25am, a breakdown blocked the right southbound lane of State Highway 2 just north of the Dowse Interchange. The NZTA said there would be significant delays.

Fifteen minutes later, the broken-down vehicle had been removed. But by then, traffic was queued back to the Haywards interchange.

Earlier on SH2, at 6.25am a bus breakdown blocked a southbound lane south of the Petone onramp. There was southbound congestion for 30 minutes.

Wellington.Scoop – February 22
A crash on State Highway 1 north of Wellington caused significant delays for southbound traffic this morning. The NZTA reported that the crash occurred at 7.30 after the Newlands southbound onramp.

One southbound lane on the motorway was blocked, causing significant delays.

At 8.20 the agency reported that congestion in the Ngauranga Gorge had cleared. But it said southbound traffic remained heavy.

Wellington.Scoop – February 21
State Highway 2 was blocked by two crashes this morning.

At 6.45am, a crash blocked a southbound lane on SH2 just before the Petone offramp. Ninety minutes later, congestion was continuing and the NZTA said there would be more significant delays. The congestion continued for more than two hours. At 9.15, the NZTA said it was “easing slowly.”

At 8.40am, a second crash on SH2 was partially blocking both northbound lanes at Haywards. Emergency services were on site. There would, said the NZTA, be delays. The road was clear half an hour later.