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Union blames bus driver shortage on “hideous” treatment of staff

News from First Union
It’s not about a bus driver shortage, it’s the way bus drivers are treated.

“The government already knows the solution to the problem, they talked about it in opposition. It’s simple: scrap the PTOM tendering model that got us in this mess and implement Fair Pay Agreements to lift the standards back to where they should be and to incentivise workers back into what used to be a good industry to work in.”

“Bus drivers already have to drive for 5 ½ hours with no break, work six days a week because they’re hugely underpaid, have to work split shifts that can see them away from home for 14 hours a day plus travel time onto that, and they’re not paid for all those hours; it’s already a complete shambles. The work has detrimental effects on their health. This is all largely due to a tendering system that drives wages down, that encourages companies to treat workers terribly.”

“We don’t see how an industry that is already exploiting New Zealand workers should be allowed to hire migrant workers. The only reason an industry such as this would want to do such a thing is to make it easier to exploit even more workers. They do not deserve the workers they have. To even float the idea is just proof they have absolutely no care for their workers; the problem isn’t as much a shortage of workers, it is much more about the way these workers are treated; hideously.”


  1. Jum, 22. February 2019, 13:18

    New Zealand workers are not monkeys, yet the greedy profit/shareholder-driven employers want to pay peanuts. Try harder and pay better.

  2. Chris Horne, 22. February 2019, 14:51

    Our bus services and the bus drivers who run them are crucial to the functioning of our city. If the PTOM bus-service tendering model has led to over-working and under-paying our drivers, then scrap it pronto. Pay our drivers good wages, and ask them to work reasonable hours without long gaps between shifts, then the career of bus driving will become attractive once again.