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Horse advocates at Trentham protest against horse cruelty

Press Release – Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses
This Saturday, Oaks Day at the Wellington Racing Club will see anti-horse racing protesters demonstrating outside the main entrance.

Armed with a PA system, along with confronting images on placards and banners, racegoers will not be able to avoid learning the truth behind the glamorous facade of horse racing at this Saturdays Oaks Day. Horse advocates will be educating the public and calling on racegoers to reconsider supporting the ‘sport’. They will also be demanding the industry at the very least implement a comprehensive retirement plan for all racehorses.

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) spokesperson Frances Baker said today, “We are against the inherent cruelty horses are subjected to in the horse racing industry. Horses are sentient beings and feel pain just as much as a dog or a human. Every aspect of their life revolves around making money and as a result, their welfare is often compromised.”

“Then, if they survive being repeatedly pushed beyond their limits most are disposed of like a piece of rubbish. There is no retirement plan for racehorses.” she said.

“Horses are bred into a lifestyle that is completely unnatural to them. They are whipped and forced to run for their lives often sustaining injuries that can prematurely make them uncompetitive.”

“When no longer profitable, most are sent to the knackery to be turned into dog food just like so many foals that don’t have the temperament or the natural ability and don’t make it to the racetrack. We are urging the racing industry to at the very least, implement a retirement plan for all racehorses, not just the ones that make millions in profit for their connections.”

“We want people to think twice about attending a racing event. There are other cruelty-free events that you can go to for a good day out. It is not a party for the animals.”

“If you really care about animals, you shouldn’t be going to the races”

What: ‘Horse Racing Kills’ protest at Al Basti Equiworld Oaks Day
When: Saturday 16th March 2019, 11.30am onwards
Where: Wellington Racing Club, 10 Racecourse Road, Trentham, Upper Hutt.

For more information: horseracingkills.com

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