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SIS increasing efforts to watch far right extremist groups

News from NZSIS
The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service welcomes the inquiry into the Christchurch terrorist attacks. “The Christchurch terrorist attacks are a horrific demonstration of violent extremism which has no place in New Zealand. NZSIS offers its deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones and to our Muslim communities,” Director-General of Security Rebecca Kitteridge said.

“I welcome the inquiry announced today. There are important questions which need answers. We embrace the opportunity to learn from this terrible experience. Our work must often be carried out in secret, but I am a big believer in transparency where possible.

“NZSIS has two top priorities right now. We are focused on supporting Police in their important investigation and the resulting prosecutions. We are also focused on mitigating the risks to New Zealanders posed by possible revenge or copycat attacks.

“To achieve this mission the NZSIS is currently operating 24 hours a day and is drawing on all our international partnerships.

“I would like to acknowledge the incredible support we are receiving from our international partners – I cannot go into detail, but I would like New Zealand to know that this is a global response.

“I am always limited in what I can say about individuals and that’s especially the case while there is an active Police investigation.

“The person charged with murder has not ever been brought to the attention of NZSIS and is not known to NZSIS or our Australian counterpart.

“Over the last nine months, NZSIS has increased its effort to obtain a better picture of the threat posed to New Zealand by far right extremist groups. The NZSIS has over recent years received a number of tips from the public concerning right wing extremism and has taken each one seriously.

“I would like to acknowledge and thank the staff who choose to work for the NZSIS. Every day they show an unwavering commitment to protecting the security of our country, and the safety of their fellow New Zealanders.

“There will be plenty of time ahead for further comment, but that is for another day. At this time NZSIS continues its relentless focus on supporting Police, identifying and mitigating threats and assisting the inquiry in every way possible.”