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Regional Council’s bus review wants us to tell them “what’s working?” (“and what isn’t”)

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council
The Regional Council yesterday released the first details of the second stage of its bus network review, with public consultation forming the bulk of the work. Councillor Barbara Donaldson, Chair of the council’s Sustainable Transport Committee, described the process as a genuine commitment to Wellington’s communities.

“We are focused on providing people with the opportunity to engage in a meaningful way and designing a consultation process that gives the community a range of options to work through and prioritise,” adds Councillor Donaldson.

In its February meeting, the Committee resolved to prioritise the eastern suburbs in the review, before moving on to the southern, western and northern suburbs of Wellington.

“It’s important for us to hear from the actual communities we serve, understand their needs, what’s working for them and what isn’t so we can develop improvements unique to each of our suburbs as well as the whole of the network,” says Councillor Donaldson.

Feedback received by Greater Wellington through its contact centre, social media channels, and community and council forums this past year will also help inform the review.

As part of the review the council will also set up a Councillor-led reference group and project team to review and report against the current state of the network, including: timetables; contractual arrangements with operators; industrial relations; bus fleets; depots; bus stop infrastructure; fare policies and supporting technology such as ticketing and real time information.

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  1. Mike Riversdale, 20. March 2019, 17:05

    Hey, greaterwgtn – plenty of voices on Twitter telling you ‘bus stuff’. I’m sure FB users are also very clear on their experiences. What more do you need? [via twitter]

  2. Kara Lipski, 20. March 2019, 17:20

    Wellington bus users have been telling the Regional Council what we think of the bus system since July last year. When will they actually listen? And when will they act on what we have asked for?

  3. Newtown, 20. March 2019, 18:14

    Normally, in a customer-centric design process, you’d start with the needs and goals of the customer. Then the design of the network would align with these. However, with the hmm… GWRC-centric approach, it seems the other way around – implement this thing, then as a token gesture ask the residents for their input.

  4. greenwelly, 21. March 2019, 8:57

    Although they only want to hear things that fit with their “world view.”
    In the Draft terms of Reference are these doozies:

    · The starting point is the existing network (i.e. not a blank sheet of paper)
    · There can be no wholesale return to the old network

  5. Paul, 21. March 2019, 10:50

    They consulted for 8 YEARS setting up this shambles, as noted above they have had comprehensive feedback for the past 8 months, what more do they need?

    On a side note, will Barbara Donaldson even show up? She’s shown precious little concern for users up until now and refused to attend public meetings in case people said bad things to her. What a shock to the system it will be for her to actually talk to users of her omnishambles.

  6. Lim Leong, 21. March 2019, 11:12

    OK. Let me put this new review in context. The new network is at least 8 years in the making, millions were spent on engaging overseas consultants on network design and planning. Since 2013, numerous so called public consultation sessions were held through the various channels – online, public meetings, surveys.

    Pretty much all of the previous feedbacks were being ignored and GWRC was hell bent on implementing a flawed hub and spoke network which is doomed before it is born because few (I would argue none) of the design pre-requisites were met for such a network to work properly in the real world. And yet millions were spent on building hubs which are really late and meanwhile we have many planned and unplanned cancellations on a daily basis and connections continue to fail.

    What is the point of another review by the same team of Councillors and GWRC Management Team who bring us this 21st century network? Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results every time…

  7. Garth Macleod, 22. March 2019, 17:58

    There are 2 versions of the hub and spoke in circulation. The 2009 version on Jaret Walker’s human transit blog, and the 2012 one in the human transit book. The 2009 version has buses travel through hubs, and the 2012 version (erronously) shows buses stopping in hubs. I think GWRC have given Wellington the bad model. This sounds small but say a bus arrives at the Hospital Hub with 70 people aboard and 60 want to go to the cbd. It will take at least 3 minutes longer to get the people off the bus and on another (as per the 2012 model) than have the bus go straight thru with them staying on(as per the 2009 model).

  8. Traveller, 22. March 2019, 19:06

    Why does Barbara Donaldson need to ask communities what they are thinking about the buses? The communities have been providing this information every day. But Ms Donaldson cannot have been listening…