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Performance review for Regional Council’s chief executive

The Regional Council has been reviewing the performance of its Chief Executive, but does not want the review to become public.

Minutes tabled at today’s meeting state:

Information in these minutes relates to the interim performance review of the Chief Executive. Release of this information would prejudice the privacy of the Chief Executive by disclosing matters relating to the statutory review of his performance. GWRC has not been able to identify a public interest favouring disclosure of this particular information in public proceedings of the meeting that would override the Chief Executive’s privacy.

The agenda for today’s meeting shows that members will be carrying out the Statutory performance review of the Chief Executive.

But the public will be excluded from the discussion.


  1. P. Cornwell, 21. March 2019, 12:30

    With all the openness and transparency of a…. guilty corporation that is trying to hide information.

  2. michael, 21. March 2019, 13:11

    A council definition of transparency!
    We get “transparency” only when the councillors decide we do.

  3. Paul, 21. March 2019, 17:13

    Hmmm how did the CEO go with personally fixing the bus problems before Christmas? A “Not Achieved” for that section of the review.