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Partial evacuation at Homegrown after security concerns

News from NZ Police
Homegrown security ordered the evacuation of the Waitangi Park area of the waterfront festival at around 9:20pm tonight following their concerns about a person.

Police were in attendance ensuring the safe and orderly evacuation of attendees.

Police were speaking to the person and do not believe there is any risk to the public.

The NZ Herald reported that Homegrown PR manager Kelly Wright said police had led the evacuation, but she did not know why. However, they were allowing patrons to return around 10pm. “We’re hoping Shapeshifter can then start their set.” About 6000 concert-goers were affected.

The evacuation began at 9.21pm, just before the minute’s silence in honour of the victims of the Christchurch terror attacks was about to begin. Four other stages were unaffected and had observed their minute’s silence before the music continued, Wright said.

News from NZ Police at 10.45pm
Festival attendees are now able to re-enter the Waitangi Park area of the Homegrown festival after an earlier evacuation.

Following concerns held by Homegrown security about a person, a decision was made to evacuate the Waitangi Park area of the festival at around 9:20pm. Police can now clarify the decision to evacuate was made by Police rather than Homegrown staff.

A person has been spoken to and the area searched, and as a result Police can confirm there has been no threat to the Homegrown festival or the public. While the concern in this case appears to have been an innocent misunderstanding, Police would like to remind people to stay vigilant and call 111 if they see anything suspicious.

Police would like to thank attendees for their cooperation during the evacuation.

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  1. Rowan Greig, 24. March 2019, 14:07

    It seems that we are living in a heightened state of paranoia. Logic would say that the risk of a repeat of Christchurch are very low especially when it has been stated that the person who attacked and killed 50 people in two mosques was acting alone. I really am hoping that things can return to normal soon because I don’t like where we are headed.