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CubaDupa moving off the street, for security reasons

News from CubaDupa
In light of the tragic events in Christchurch, it is with great regret that we have made the difficult decision to change the delivery of CubaDupa to CubaDupa | OFF STREET

We are moving as much of the entertainment to indoor venues as possible. As is the case with other cancelled and changed events around New Zealand, security resource constraints lead to this decision.

We ask everyone to bear with us over the next few days while we make alternative arrangements for Saturday and Sunday’s events, and to check CubaDupa’s social media channels for up-to-date information.

CubaDupa are moving as quickly as possible to arrange an alternative concert programme in venues within the Cuba Street precinct. Details of this programme will be released by Thursday morning on the CubaDupa website cubadupa.co.nz and social media.

Drew James, Artistic Director of CubaDupa says “we have a large number of artists who have been preparing for this for a long time. Thanks to the city, WREDA and others we have managed to find venues for a lot of what was going to happen on the streets. We are going to put on a brilliant show and I hope the people of Wellington and the many visitors will turn out and enjoy the performances and show their solidarity.”

All the eateries, bars, shops and restaurants in the wider Cuba Precinct will be ready for a great weekend and the message to out-of-town visitors who have travel already booked is ‘come to Wellington – there will be plenty to see and do, eat and drink’.

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester says: “Cubadupa is one of the highlights of the Wellington calendar. I am looking forward to the off-street programme, which will still offer fantastic events for all those who want to experience Cubadupa.”

CEO of Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) Lance Walker also supports the decision. ““CubaDupa is an event that celebrates community spirit in a highly visible way, so it’s obviously disappointing this year’s festival has to be shifted indoors. We fully support the decision the Creative Capital Arts Trust has made and will continue to support them in delivering a great event, albeit a scaled back version.”


  1. Mark Cubey, 25. March 2019, 22:27

    There were thousands of people wandering around the waterfront on Saturday outside of Homegrown. What makes this any different? I’m assuming the police made a security commitment that they now can’t fulfill, and there’s no alternative. Can’t see how it can work as an indoor gig, and think there will still be hordes of folk out on the streets. [via twitter]

  2. B. Dover, 25. March 2019, 23:09

    And yet the delayed Weetbix Tryathlon is able to run this weekend; Homegrown last weekend; Womad on the weekend immediately after the terrible CHC events.
    And as others have pointed out elsewhere, were the attacks not conducted inside?
    A sad decision. Terrorism 1 : Public 0

  3. michael, 25. March 2019, 23:49

    Seems strange. Do they know something we don’t? I hope this doesn’t mean we are going to become a fearful nation.

  4. RH, 26. March 2019, 9:02

    How does being indoors make it safer? Are they going to search people as they enter buildings?

  5. Russell Brown, 26. March 2019, 9:46

    It seems similar to Pasifika’s cancellation up here in Auckland. Police couldn’t provide the security they felt necessary. I was told by one parent they’d been apprehensive about their kids performing under watch of armed officers anyway. [via twitter]

  6. CubaDupa, 26. March 2019, 15:27

    We appreciate everyone’s disappointment but please be reassured that CubaDupa made this complex decision after a lot of consultation. [via twitter]

  7. Heidi P, 27. March 2019, 5:35

    If it was unsafe you cancel, you don’t put the crowds in buildings.

  8. Trevor H, 27. March 2019, 9:13

    Never, ever give in to terrorists. Not a good move.

  9. Alison Jones, 27. March 2019, 21:52

    Kia Kaha, stand proud and keep Cubadupa outside in the street where it deserves to be.