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Where’s the seat?

Scoop Dogs Harriet (left) and Henry, at the finish of their walk on the Tinakori Hill

As told by Scoop Dog Harriet
On a blue-sky Sunday, tailor-made for a dog walk, we went up Harriet Street into Grant Road and headed up the Tinakori Hill. Looking back along the grass reserve next to Grant Road, my owner was livid at the Council for its inattention.


“The grass should be mowed like it used to be!” His mood turned blacker as we headed up the track. “Look at all the bramble and it needs levelling – the crack down the middle could sprain your ankle. It’s disgraceful!”


We were looking forward to sitting down on a seat above Elephant Rock but the seat that has been there for years was nowhere to be seen. Somebody had snaffled it. Either it’s been stolen or the Council has taken it away for renovation but there is no sign to tell us when it will be back.

Onwards and upwards we went to be met with a proliferation of signs saying ‘dogs must be on leads’ and ‘pick up your dog poo’. Okay we got the message the first time! It’s a bit much to have signs every 20 metres and some have been scrawled over by protesting humans.

How about spending more on track and park maintenance and less on unnecessary and unsightly signing? Woof, woof we say to that! Oh and please put a seat back above Elephant Rock for my contemplative owner.


UPDATE April 19
Great – a new seat is back, so my owner can sit down and recover his breath after ascending half way up Tinakori Hill. Being the contrary soul he is, he still grumbled about his wet bottom … “they should have sloped the seat inwards and left a wider gap to drain the water off”. Hmmmm, unlike us Labradors, some humans are never happy with their lot.


  1. Stephen Bargwanna, 31. March 2019, 18:54

    I couldn’t agree more with Harriet this extremely perceptive dog.Someone needs to put an economic value on properly maintained walking trails as opposed to poorly maintained ones – health-mental and physical, productivity &etc.
    I am happy for my taxes to go to stewardship of the great green domain,a gift to NZ.

  2. Daryl Cockburn, 31. March 2019, 19:25

    Dear Harriett. I completely agree that signs (not signage) have an excessive budget in our risk-averse world.
    Of course I too am desperately keen to see the experts planting to replace the pines and smother the brambles.
    As for the Elephant Rock seat I’m trusting it will be an old-fashioned “park bench” not a modern “bench” without a proper back or arms designed to prevent comfort. I know you hate seeing them in discomfort and moving along when you need a rest on your walks.
    Good luck

  3. B h smyth, 31. March 2019, 21:19

    Good to see you again Harriet and yes I want to see my rates spent on maintaining what we have got.

  4. Polly Smyth, 1. April 2019, 21:04

    I see no point in keeping dog poo off the track if the track itself isn’t maintained.
    I’m sure Harriet and co will be careful to clean up respectfully, I ask that the council follow suit.

  5. B H Smyth, 5. April 2019, 20:55

    There is still no seat.

  6. B Smyth, 11. April 2019, 11:00

    We have been up Tinakori Hill for our regular walk this morning (11 April ) and still NO SEAT.
    I’m so disappointed that the Council will put a lot of money into an Events Centre but not maintain our walkways.

  7. BS, 17. April 2019, 13:22

    I was walking In Courtenay Place yesterday and noticed the Council can’t even be bothered changing the clock to reflect the end of daylight saving.

  8. Barbara Smyth, 19. April 2019, 19:11

    Thank you Council. It is nice to see the seat is back.

  9. Daryl Cockburn, 19. April 2019, 21:53

    V G to see it’s a Park Bench with a back. Not one of the modern benches without backs which are usually unsustainable & unaffordable heavy designs. WCC needs to follow the centuries of traditional designs rather than employ designers driven by a passion to be different to satisfy their vanities. We can’t afford their egos.