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  1. Isabella Cawthorn, 9. April 2019, 19:28

    Calling sensible folks! It’s time to show we’ve had enough of craziness – shouldn’t have to bear near-death experiences getting quietly to school, work, around neighbourhood.

  2. Alana, 10. April 2019, 10:53

    Well done, and very clever – now why can’t WCC do something concrete?
    Better for Wellington people who would use this every day than the occasional users of the convention centre.
    Priorities, WCC?

  3. Build them already, 10. April 2019, 11:16

    I was part of the Evans Bay Cycleway Workshops in May 2017. We are now two years further and nothing has been built. I am very disappointed, work was meant to start in early 2018. They have just re-surfaced part of Evans Bay Parade (by Marrakech restaurant), so I presume they aren’t going to build what was promised. This week they are putting the traffic islands back in, making it narrow and more dangerous for cyclists again (cars can’t, but will pass cyclists at these points). And where’s Cobham Drive at? That was supposed to be done before Evans Bay Parade. Only a little section by Miramar has been completed.

    The one thing that was delivered is the Oriental / Herd Street cycle lane. Very nice to have that, but how poorly is it constructed?! When it rains, you don’t have to go to Freyberg, the cycle lane is under water, it doesn’t drain! Then there is a massive hole with utilities covers, you’d crash if you are unaware and go through that. Then you get to the end and there is a steel light pole bang smack in the middle of the cycle lane. Not to mention that people who need to pay for parking have to cross the cycle lane, none of them are aware of cyclists approaching, just a matter of time… Why not have these machines on the pedestrian strip right by the car parks?? It was such a good idea, but so poorly executed. There must be no oversight at all, because who would sign that off?

    Very little faith in WCC delivering anything more substantial than green paint at this point…
    From a disappointed cyclist, who cycles rain or shine, wind still or gale and who has had too many near misses to count.

  4. Hi Build them already,
    Minister of Transport Phil Twyford will be at a blessing to mark the start of construction for the Oriental Bay – Evans Bay cycleway tomorrow. It’s a two-year project to build new paths on the seaside of the road. I agree it’s taking too long. But Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  5. Island Bay Healthy Streets, 10. April 2019, 17:32

    I’m just tired of the excuses. Last year I got knocked off my bike by a car on Taranaki St and broke my ribs. It took 10 weeks to heal. So … show some urgency. Show us you actually care about protecting people on bikes. [via twitter]

  6. Tim Jones, 10. April 2019, 17:46

    This was a really inspiring event. A clear, simple, effective piece of nonviolent direct action that saw Wellington people come together to create the future they wish to see for our city: a low-carbon city that puts people first. Great work CycleAwareWgtn and healthystreets. [via twitter]

  7. Andrew, 10. April 2019, 19:31

    I think even the most patient of us are tired of the glacial pace of progress. And looks like we’re going backwards with a petrol station being build on the Hutt road cycle way – so cars will be crossing at high frequency. It’s Spotlight all over again! [via twitter]

  8. Chris Calvi-Freeman, 10. April 2019, 19:32

    Protected cycleways completed in the last 2 years on Hutt Rd, Thorndon Quay, Oriental Pde (part), Crawford Rd, Rongotai Rd. In progress on Evans Bay Parade (St Pats). About to commence at Pt Jerningham, Cobham Drive, Coutts St. Others in design. [via twitter]

  9. Newtown, 10. April 2019, 20:39

    Such a great campaign, well done! The WCC seems to be incapable of designing and implementing anything but the cheapest option – painted lanes.
    Have you all seen the twitter feed of @Modacitylife, showcasing the many cycle lanes in the Netherlands? Pretty amazing to see a safe environment for cyclists.

  10. luke, 11. April 2019, 2:01

    I’ve given up on a decent facility between Petone and Ngauranga, after waiting thirteen years. [The government’s land transport programme announced last September promised: A $43m investment in the Ngauranga to Petone section of the shared walking cycling path will provide a much needed walking/cycling connection between Wellington and the Hutt Valley …]

  11. Mark Shanks, 11. April 2019, 8:20

    I rode my bike from Lower Hutt yesterday for a meeting at the Wellington City Council on the Terrace. There are no cycle racks for visitors. What sort of message is that?

  12. Keith Flinders, 11. April 2019, 10:08

    There isn’t any question concerning the health benefits of cycling, but cycling through air heavily polluted by vehicle exhaust emissions has long term consequence for the human body. Cyclists might want to join the handful of people in this city who are advocating, as a start, the reintroduction of electric passenger buses to replace the trolley ones withdrawn 18 months ago. The token ten double-decker battery buses ply only the north – south routes, whilst the east – west routes are stuck with old diesel buses until 2028.

    Fifty trolley buses sitting in storage in Kilbirnie are suitable to convert to battery operation, yet the GWRC isn’t actively pushing for this course of action, instead blaming the bus owners, NZ Bus, for the impasse. Trolley 361 converted 24 months ago to battery operation is often seen passing quietly through city streets with zero tailpipe emissions.

    ReVolt http://www.revoltwellington.co.nz is urging all local MPs to pressure the GWRC to accelerate action to counter the air and noise pollution from the thousands of diesel bus movements each day. 500 of them through Karori alone each business day.

  13. Jacqueline Eyes, 11. April 2019, 11:36

    This is ok if it keeps the cyclists off the footpaths. Also ok if the cyclist knows and understands it is a one-way street. I had a friend who was knocked down by a cyclist on Featherston Street because the cyclist was cycling against the traffic flow. My friend had smashed teeth and don’t quote ACC because you only get one set of teeth. The cyclist I might add didn’t stop. I had so many near misses when I worked on Featherston Street, same scenario with the cyclist going the wrong way.

  14. Dave B, 11. April 2019, 18:32

    And even the cycleways that we have are at risk of being compromised. The excellent one along Thorndon Quay is about to be interrupted by the new “Waitomo” petrol station being constructed beside it. What are the characteristics of a petrol station? That’s right, lots of vehicles wanting to get in and out of it. Across the cycleway!
    This is not an appropriate place for a petrol station. Consent should not have been given to site it here.