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Forty- minute rail delays as Matangi carriages given safety checks

News from Metlink at 5.20pm
Services on the Hutt Valley Line and Kapiti Line outside Wellington are experiencing delays of up to 40 minutes due to additional mechanical checks.

Safety is our primary focus in operating the Wellington Rail Network. Today we were made aware of a potential mechanical issue on some Matangi carriages.

No further issues have been identified and all checked carriages have safely been returned to service, but these checks have caused some delays this afternoon. This is a precautionary check which takes five minutes and needs to be completed in the Wellington Station area. We are confident this check can be completed this afternoon.

We have buses on stand-by in case services are significantly delayed. If there are any changes to passenger services this afternoon we will let passengers know through the Metlink website and alerts.

At Wellington Station, please check the departure boards and listen to our PA announcements for platform changes prior to your journey.

News from Metlink at 8.35pm
Services on the Kapiti Line and Hutt Valley Line are now back up and running to timetable. Peak services should run as usual on Wednesday morning,

All carriages have now been checked with no issues found, but this did cause some delays during peak this afternoon.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.