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Vaping ban misguided, says vaping entrepreneur

Press Release – Alt New Zealand
Porirua City is to expand its smokefree areas to include beaches, the city centre and all council-owned and managed sites. The ban will also include vaping and e-cigarettes which disappoints a Kiwi vaping entrepreneur, describing the move as completely misguided and not supported by evidence.

The Porirua City Council’s updated Smokefree Outdoor Public Places Policy has been recommended by the City Delivery Committee. It will go to the full council for adoption tomorrow – 17 April.

Jonathan Devery, director of Vapo and Alt, says the Porirua vaping ban follows similar moves by other councils. However given the smoking epidemic in Porirua, the local council should be thinking more laterally and treating vaping as a help not a hindrance.

“Porirua claims their policy will contribute to the Government’s national goal of Smoke Free 2025 but banning vaping won’t help one person quit smoking. It’s a shame because Porirua has a higher smoking rate than the national average, with 17% still smoking.”

Porirua’s decision to include vaping in its smokefree policy follows the Wellington City Council recently making vaping part of its Smokefree Action Plan.

The co-owner of New Zealand’s largest vaping business says Hamilton, not Porirua or Wellington, is the city showing real civic leadership. Just last month the Hamilton City Council voted to keep vaping out of the city’s smokefree policy and plan.

Ample international evidence shows vaping is at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes and nearly twice as effective for those wanting to give up smoking than nicotine-replacement products. While Public Health England research last year concluded ‘there have been no identified health risks of passive vaping to by-standers’.

Mr Devery says before voting Porirua councillors should study Auckland Council’s Smokefree Action Plan approved last week. One of its three activity streams is titled ‘Switch to quit’ which recognises that vaping is a legitimate tool to help established smokers quit.

“Switching from smoking to vaping has substantial health benefits and is key to achieving Smoke Free 2025 – something the Ministry of Health, health pressure group ASH, Quitline New Zealand, and public health organisation Hapai Te Hauora also openly acknowledge.

“At the same time several District Health Boards have embraced vaping products as an alternative to smoking which has been really effective for individuals participating within the DHBs smoking cessation clinics. Sadly, however, the Porirua City Council is about banish the best tool in the tool box,” he says.


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  1. Brian Dawson, 17. April 2019, 8:37

    Yeah, because setting up a chain of shops and marketing flavours like raspberry and lemonade is solely about offering assistance to those quitting smoking!

  2. michael, 17. April 2019, 10:12

    The best thing about vaping is that non-smokers do not have to put up with piles of cigarette butts strewn around our streets and in particular around seating all over Wellington. It is disgusting, especially at bus stops where smokers have no problem ignoring or ripping off the stuck-on no-smoking signs and puffing away.

  3. Tony Jansen, 17. April 2019, 13:45

    Ever walked behind a vaper and had to breathe the clouds of disgusting smoke? Both habits are foul and anti social. Ban the lot, otherwise I can’t see why we give preferential treatment to these addicts and punish others.

  4. Dave B, 17. April 2019, 20:33

    The fruity or minty smell of second-hand vaped smoke is certainly preferable to the pungent stench of cigarette smoke.

  5. michael, 17. April 2019, 21:12

    I agree that it is awful walking behind smokers be it cigarettes or vapers but, given cigarettes are legal, there isn’t much that can be done about smoking apart from ensuring those who do smoke in no smoking areas are fined. They should also be fined for littering when they dump their cigarette butts on the footpaths etc. I prefer vaping to cigarettes any day.