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Demonstration at Parliament highlights extreme rates of water pollution

News from Extinction Rebellion
Extinction Rebellion (XR) Wellington will be taking action at Parliament at 3pm today to draw attention to the sour side of our white gold. Esteemed freshwater ecologist Dr. Mike Joy will be speaking about the issues of intensive agriculture, bad water use practices and our extreme rates of freshwater pollution and species extinction – among the highest in the world.

Dr. Sea Rotmann, Wellington XR spokesperson says: “In our country, farmers are bound by a model that urges them to destroy the nation’s most valuable natural assets: land and water. We may believe that milk and dairy is our white gold, but this belief has long gone sour…”

“This demonstration, aptly held on the International Day of the Peasant’s Struggle, is to highlight what has been described as one of the most comprehensive eliminations of biodiversity ever: the death of our waterways.”

This abuse of New Zealand’s waterways also extends into urban areas, and in the lowland areas, 90% of wetlands are already gone. Imported fertilizers and animal feeds have polluted lowland soils with cadmium, to the extent that much of it can no longer be used to grow plants to eat.

Dr. Rotmann says: “Even as our remaining wetlands are destroyed for ‘development’, public money is spent on artificial ones because wetlands are needed to manage water. It is perverse, really, how badly we are managing our most precious resource.”

“Some of the most polluted rivers in the world (like the Yangtze and the Mississippi) would receive a ‘B’ grade using New Zealand water quality standards. It is an outrage that a developed country that sees itself as a leader in agriculture could let its water quality standards become this lax.”

“We lay the responsibility for this destruction here at Parliament, in front of the ones we entrusted to watch over it.

“Monitoring and management practices have become subtle forms of coercion, where communities are asked to trade jobs and wealth for clean water. We want this government to finally tell the truth about the state of our water and land. We want the rules they set in place to reflect that truth. And we want immediate action to do everything in our power to stop the massive impact of intensive agriculture on our greenhouse gas emissions, our freshwater species and the quality of our water.”

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  1. anon, 17. April 2019, 12:38

    What the heck does the ministry for the environment do? Ignore pollution or Data massage?