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Fifth day of congestion for Easter traffic on SH1

There’s been a fifth day of congestion for traffic on SH1 north of Wellington today – five hours of it, between Manakau and Otaki.

NZTA first reported congestion for southbound traffic at 1.45pm. At 2.55 it said the queues were north of Whakahoro Road and delays were expected to continue. At 4.55 the queues were back to Ohau. The congestion had cleared by 6.45pm.

Wellington.Scoop – April 21
There were delays for a fourth day on SH1 north of Wellington today. And this time it was southbound traffic that was affected. NZTA reported “significant” delays at 5.15 – between Paraparaumu and Mackays Crossing. Congestion had eased two hours later.

Wellington.Scoop – April 20
Delays for a third day on State Highway 1 north of Wellington began before 11am this morning and continued for more than five hours. The congestion, affecting northbound traffic, was again between Peka Peka and Otaki.

At 1pm, NZTA said delays were from 30 to 45 minutes. At 2.20, the queues were as far back as Te Horo. The congestion had eased by 4.35.

Wellington.Scoop – April 19
Congestion on State Highway 1 north of Wellington started early today. At 9.30am, the NZTA again reported delays for northbound traffic between Peka Peka and Otaki.

At midday these delays were between 45 minutes and an hour. By 3pm they had been reduced to between 15 and 30 minutes. At 4pm, the NZTA reported that things were improving because “queues are now back to Te Horo.” At 4.25 the NZTA advised: northbound congestion has eased.

Delays for northbound traffic were also reported between Plimmerton and Paekakariki. At 1pm they were between 15 and 30 minutes. At 3.35 the congestion was starting to ease, with queues back to Pukerua Bay. The NZTA said the problems were over at 4.45.

Wellington.Scoop – April 18
No surprise, but there was seven hours of congestion for Easter weekend traffic this afternoon on State Highway One north of Wellington.

The buildup began where the expressway ends at Peka Peka, and the NZTA said (as usual) that delays were significant. (It used capital letters for emphasis.)

The congestion didn’t ease till about 7pm.

There were also delays yesterday afternoon – with congestion from 5pm till after 8.