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Pyramid Power Festival will be blast of sonic exploration

News from Pyramid Club
After a few years hiatus, the Pyramid Power Festival is happening this year, 1-4 May. The four day festival will be a full on blast of sonic exploration, featuring a huge range of artists from Wellington and around NZ. The festival is being run at Pyramid Club, Thistle Hall Gallery and the Third Eye (Tuatara Brewery).

As well as dozens of performances (see below), the festival will include ’40 Years of Wellington’s Sonic Underground in Posters’ exhibition at Thistle Hall, ‘Inner City Outer Worlds Sound Walk’ curated by Sonorous Circle and the Wellington Independent Maker’s Market on Sat 4th for you to buy the wares of local musicians, artists and craftspeople.

One of the themes of the festival is new collaborations and we have curated some one-off match-ups that should prove to be fascinating meetings of musical minds:

Motte / Omit – Anita Clark’s delicately woven webs of violins meets Blenheim’s electronic outsider
King Homeboy / Jonny Marks – 6-time NZ beatbox champion Te Ariki Toki goes head-to-head with NZ’s throat singing maestro
Jeff Henderson / Gamelan Padhang Moncar – multi reed player and enfant terrible of NZ music directs a unique collaboration with Javanese gamelan orchestra
Cave Circles / Meeps – Riki Gooch’s boundary breaking electronic project meets Isaac Smith’s analogue synth bleep beats
Rosie Langabeer’s Subterranean Nightmare is a new piece for 18 musicians composed specially for the festival.

Wednesday 1 May

5:30pm @ Thistle Hall: Exhibition/Festival Opening: ’40 Years of Wellington’s Sonic Underground in Posters’
6:30pm @ Thistle Hall: May Day opening ritual by Ooanverse and Sonic Procession to Pyramid Club by Erika Grant
7pm @ Pyramid Club: Sound Explorers Open Studio Happening! Explore the back rooms of Pyramid Club with performances by ENT, Cave n Bush, Thomas Arbor, Birgit Bachler, Tom Callwood, Keiran Monaghan, Daniel Beban, Gerard Crewdson, a mechatronic installation by Paul Dunham and more.

Thursday 2 May

12:30-1:30pm @ Thistle Hall: Peter Daly (viola) / Chris Prosser (violin) / Isaac Smith (dbl bass)
5-6:30pm @ Thistle Hall: DSLB + The Melancholy Babes w/Simon O’Roke
7:30pm @ Pyramid Club: K-Group + Motte/Omit + Buffalo Bunny + Cave Circles vs Meeps

Friday 3 May

12:30-1:30pm @ Thistle Hall: Omit (solo set)
5-6:30pm @ Thistle Hall: Richard Maybe’s Passion for Nature + Kraus/Elborado/Dalley
7:30pm @ The Third Eye: Big Flip the Massive + Rosie Langabeer’s Subterranean Nightmare + Spacies + Hermione Johnson/Anthony Donaldson/Alphabethead
w/DJ Rory and visuals by Lady Lazer Light

Saturday 4 May

12-5pm @ Thistle Hall: Wellington Independent Maker’s Market – peruse the wares of local artists, musicians and craftspeople
featuring performances by Kraus + Ludus + Ursula Le Sin + Oksun Ox
and Sound Bathing with Nell Thomas – 20 minute one-to-one sessions (free but bookings required text 0221771645)
5-6pm @ The Third Eye: Jeff Henderson meets Gamelan Padhang Moncar
8pm @ Pyramid Club: Negative Nancies + Gorge + IRD + Jonny Marks/King Homeboy + Rachel Shearer

Ticket information available from www.undertheradar.co.nz
Festival pass = $45

Full details of the festival can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/1072969992891314/