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Iwi says it can do what it wants with Shelly Bay land

Report from RNZ
The iwi that owns the controversial Shelly Bay site in Wellington slated for a half-a-billion dollar residential development says it has the right to use the land how it wishes.

Late last week, Sir Peter Jackson wrote a 5000-word social media post to his 2,000,000 followers accusing the Wellington City Council of ignoring opposition to what he called a Soviet-style apartment block. He likened the council’s actions on the Shelly Bay proposal to something out of The Sopranos or communist Albania.

Port Nicholson Block Settlement trustee Neville Baker said the trust wanted a return on the land, and while it had approached Sir Peter about putting his film museum there, those plans had fallen over.

Mr Baker said several thousand iwi members would now benefit from the residential development.

“We paid for it and we believe we have the right to then make a decision with whomever we want to partner with to actually develop a way forward. Our job is to develop in such a way that we get a return on the investment.”

Mr Baker said he was keen to talk to Sir Peter again about other projects.

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  1. Tim Jones, 23. April 2019, 16:26

    The other side of this coin is that the Government needs to get serious about working with iwi, Councils, LGNZ & communities to establish how land owners will be compensated for land whose value will be diminished by the rising seas. [via twitter]