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Tell the Regional Council what you think of its 5.9% rates increase

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council
Consultation on the Regional Council‘s proposed rating change in the Revenue and Financing Policy and Annual Plan 2019/20 is now open for submissions. The 2019/20 regional rates increase equates to an average of 5.9 per cent, as forecast in the Long Term Plan 2018-28.

Over the past year, property values rose faster in some parts of the region than others, and these spikes mean those districts have an increased share of regional rates compared with other districts.

Greater Wellington Chair Chris Laidlaw says this needed to be taken into consideration when setting rates for the next financial year.

“For Wellington City, the combination of rising property valuations and the total value of residential properties in proportion to the total value of CBD business property has an effect of increasing residential rates.”

The Council is proposing a change to how the general rate is allocated between property types in Wellington City. The proposal is that a differential be applied on the general rate within Wellington City to re-balance the proportions paid by business and residential properties.

“To do this, we need to make a specific amendment to our Revenue and Financing Policy, which outlines funding sources including regional rates.”

Cr Laidlaw says this will have a flow-on change to Greater Wellington’s rating Funding Impact Statement in the Long Term Plan 2018-28, which is why the change is being consulted on in the Annual Plan 2019/20.

The work programme for 2019/20 is aligned to year two of the Long Term Plan 2018-28, Cr Laidlaw says.

“We’re staying on track to do the work we planned to do for this year, but we want to ensure how rates are allocated is fair and equitable. We are consulting on a proposed change and want to hear what the public has to say.”

Consultation on this proposed rating change is open until 5pm on 24 May and public hearings will be held on Friday 7 June.

For more information and to make an online submission visit haveyoursay.gw.govt.nz/ontrack2019-20

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  1. greenwelly, 24. April 2019, 13:30

    Err, so what is the actual rates increase proposed for residents of Wellington City under this proposal??? [The Regional Council doesn’t provide such relevant detail, but the Wellington city increase is to be 8.9 per cent.]

  2. Bernard C, 24. April 2019, 13:32

    Appalled. It’s called Daylight robbery .
    And they are so off track that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

  3. Ian Apperley, 24. April 2019, 14:03

    I just went through the pain of attempting to make a submission, seriously, tiger in the basement stuff.
    Then you get two questions, neither of which relate to the actual rate increase directly.
    It’s one of the worst ones I’ve seen.

  4. michael, 24. April 2019, 15:02

    Sounds like last year’s WCC submission to the Annual Plan – a waste of time. If you didn’t agree with any of the options/questions, you just had to skip them, but it gave the council the opportunity to say they “consulted”. A lot of people I know just gave up answering.

  5. jamie, 24. April 2019, 19:58

    Masterton GW rates have gone up 7.7% and this doesn’t include large increases for pest control and flood protection. Staggers me that every year they think that an average of 5.9% is good work, no wonder they cant sort the buses.

  6. BHS, 25. April 2019, 9:19

    Well said Jamie. These wealthy ex-celebs have no idea how their rate rises are affecting us people on struggle street. Abolish GWRC now and save us millions of dollars of incompetence.

  7. Kara Lipski, 25. April 2019, 17:50

    Simple suggestion – instead of charging the increase in rates, all GWRC Councillors, Metlink officials and the CEO could take a 5.9% cut to their salaries. Over 3 years that might fund another electric bus.