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Old Ghuznee Street building cordoned off – safety risk

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An old building in Ghuznee Street has been cordoned off by the Wellington City Council. The council describes the cordon, alongside 43 Ghuznee Street, as safety measures.

The council says the safety measures have been installed. and entry has been restricted, because the building has been given an Earthquake-Prone notice.

Announcing the cordon, the council refers to its regulations for strengthening unreinforced masonry buildings. A number of car parks have been closed to allow pedestrians to walk past the cordoned off building.

Report from RNZ
The Wellington City Council says it has run out of patience with the Ghuznee Street building owner who has not strengthened a central city building, six years after the deadline for the work to be done. The deadline for the historical building to be fixed was in 2013, the council’s chief resilience officer Mike Mendonca said.

The council had been in regular contact with the building owner, and had requested more information. There were further steps the council could take, but Mr Mendonca could not say what they were. He said the owner had had enough time to secure the building, and strengthen it, but it hadn’t happened.

“We’ve run out patience and decided to take action to ensure that the building is made less vulnerable to a seismic event in Wellington.” There were several stages, and the first was to secure the public space outside the building. Shipping containers would be put next to the building so people could walk through them.

The council had written to the owner and requested information, and the council had regulatory tools it could use, Mr Mendonca said. There were several buildings in the city in a similar situation in respect to their notice – but there was only one other that was a risk. The others were either yet to send through their paperwork, or had started work to strengthen the buildings.

He said there were consequences for people who did not respond to notices the council had issued.

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  1. Michael H, 26. April 2019, 15:33

    They need to prevent vehicles from idling in queues outside these buildings. This could be done by marking the road with signs and yellow crosshatch markings. You don’t have to imagine what would happen if a bus was queued outside these buildings and a quake occurred – just remember what happened in Christchurch.

    The footpaths should also be marked with “no stopping next 50 metres” – just like DOC mark’s avalanche zones. They should have done this years ago, but better late than never.