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  1. Traveller, 12. May 2019, 19:58

    I’ll vote for removing cars from the Golden Mile …

  2. Heidi P, 13. May 2019, 5:31

    Focusing on homelessness as an election promise? The Ministry of Social Development Ministry and the Housing Ministry need to develop a plan. That plan is called doing their jobs providing for the needs of people they serve.
    The WCC’s agenda complete with building an unneeded convention center ….well it’s got nothing to do with re homing the homeless.

  3. Norbert Hausberg, 13. May 2019, 8:06

    Enough of party driven city politics. The problems facing us are too big for political parties and their supported councillors.
    I will be standing for mayor in this election. Carbon free in 2022 is the best and only way to go. There is not much room and time. We have to act decisively to facilitate the change necessary. Our countries and cities plan for 2050 is too little too late. We are betrayed by our politicians and they do not reflect the proclaimed nuclear moment for this generation. If we dont act, what will our mokopuna say?

  4. Alf the Aspirational Apteryx, 13. May 2019, 8:13

    The Convention Centre is top of his list? Unbelievable. And the Shelly Bay SHA fiasco? The traffic chaos in the Eastern Ward after 3pm each weekday? A kiwi in every back yard?

  5. BHS, 13. May 2019, 8:40

    I’ll vote for removing diesel buses from the golden mile. They are far noisier and polluting than a hybrid car or even a petrol car. And the diesel buses often have no passengers on them! Bring back the trolley bus I say.

  6. Marion Leader, 13. May 2019, 8:53

    Why no mention of the buses?

  7. michael, 13. May 2019, 9:37

    All very well and good Justin but no mention of keeping our spiraling rates down. And, as we are not the Ministry of Social Development responsible for remedying the homeless, mental health and addiction problems etc, will they be funding these initiatives or will it be the ratepayers?

  8. greenwelly, 13. May 2019, 10:19

    “Let’s Get Wellington Moving plans will be released to the public before the end of May.” Why does this suspiciously sound like the start of more “consultation.” While LGWM could do with many things “released to the public,” what it really needs is “decisions made.”

  9. Tony Jansen, 13. May 2019, 10:51

    Sorry to say but much of the mayor’s tick list is puffery and often outside the Council’s jurisdiction, achieved by another agency. And yet there is the Convention Centre at the top of the pile. The white elephant that no one wants. No mention of the dubious shenanigans with TWC/Shelly Bay, but continued support for the indefensible runway extension. No mention of the Council’s long running and expensive legal disputes with its own citizens.
    I am totally underwhelmed by this mayor and his many slights of hand.
    Unfortunately political life is increasingly about chasing the money and ignoring the people. In this regard, Labour or National, blue or red or green matter not a jot. I will struggle to summon the energy to vote for any of these “candidates”. What difference will it really make?

  10. Save the Basin, 13. May 2019, 11:41

    Encouraging to hear Mayor @justin_lester say on RNZ’s Morning Report that new let’sgetwellymoving proposals will be “like chalk and cheese” compared to the defeated, discredited Basin Reserve flyover project.
    As the Beatles said, we’d all love to see the plans! [via twitter]

  11. Benny, 13. May 2019, 11:43

    It’s fascinating that the three promises Mr Lester is putting forward come before multi-hundred million dollar projects that he is also supporting. Tackling homelessness, CBD and refugees are difficult to disagree with, but the runway extension, the convention centre and Shelly Bay will have a severe impact on people’s lives and our debt. So let’s mostly discuss the car free CBD (which is great by the way. I wonder how much of LGWM is backing it).

    I also note the sudden flurry of “give us your opinion” surveys, as if they mattered: LTP 2018 clearly said Wellingtonians want a focus on the environment, and yet, the council budget still gives priority to vanity projects. I also wonder how the convention centre project will be impacted by the library: with a reconstruction price tag likely to be in the same area as the convention centre, Mr Lester should be telling us how he intends to tweak his budget to deliver what he says is his highest priority.

    @Marion: in 2016, Mr Lester said he would be “moving to a fully electric bus fleet and buses with higher capacity”, but he now have realised that the WCC does not manage the buses.

  12. Max Rashbrooke, 13. May 2019, 12:12

    Worth noting that Justin Lester is talking about housing the 50-70 people rough sleeping in Wellington, rather than the 3400 people technically homeless – without a proper place to live – as at the 2013 Census. [via twitter]

  13. Marion Leader, 13. May 2019, 12:28

    Benny, what I expect from the mayor is that he advocates for Wellingtonians regarding the buses. It is the chief problem affecting many of us.

  14. Ruz, 14. May 2019, 18:50

    I will vote for someone other than Lester. Not interested in his promises but what he has done. Not impressed so he has to be replaced.

  15. John Locke, 15. May 2019, 10:56

    Disappointing, but not surprising – as usual not much mention of actually helping the common citizen who is burdened with rates that are increasing at double the rate of inflation.
    Instead, we get a convention center that one suspects will magically double in budget by the time it’s done (to the developers’ delight).
    Suspect the LGWM plan will include hugely expensive white elephant projects that will end up costing twice what they should, won’t be well used, and will take 20 years to implement.
    Well done for again not actually representing the interests of the majority who live and work here.