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  1. Fleur Fitzsimons, 16. May 2019, 10:42

    Great news for the Basin Reserve – no flyover or anything like it! A practical solution using the contours of the land. The White Ferns and Blackcaps can focus on winning test matches and Wellingtonians can keep enjoying this historic ground for cricket, other sport & events. [via twitter]

  2. Iona Pannett, 16. May 2019, 10:44

    Thank you Phil Twyford, james shaw, JulieAnne Genter, Justin Lester and all the campaigners for the big wins in Let’s Get Wellington Moving. Mass transit for Wellington, safe walking and cycling paths over new roads! It has been a long road to get there but today I’m hopeful. [via twitter]

  3. Gwynn Compton, 16. May 2019, 10:46

    Lots of asterisks about “increased rail capacity” and “further rail enhancements” in the Let’s Get Wellington Moving plan, but no detail on what that means. It’s a big gap in the plan given Transmission Gully will see plenty more cars coming into the CBD. [via twitter]

  4. Andrew, 16. May 2019, 11:13

    While it is great some work will start soon, I feel quite deflated after reading the next steps PDF.
    ‘Once the programme is endorsed by the three partners, work can begin on investigation, design, and evaluation of mass transit.’
    This is going to take years. Seriously, why has this not started already?

  5. Local, 16. May 2019, 12:09

    Pretty pictures…but will I have to wait until 2024 before my bus arrives??
    Will it still be diesel spewing?
    Love “mass transit”…but what? and by when?

  6. greenwelly, 16. May 2019, 15:37

    Hang on, let me get this right, what the government has announced today is not the complete implementation of the LGWM recommendations! LGWM recommended undergrounding the bypass through Te Aro and taking SH1 out of Vivian Street to turn it into a park…. Is LGWM muddying the waters, with its press statements, when large chunks have not been approved by the Government? This is a really weird media strategy to have two versions of the final result out in public. This version from Minister Twyford and this one from LGWM.

  7. Local, 16. May 2019, 17:03

    So many weasel words. Have I got this right – four lanes to the planes and an airport extension are proposed? And “fewer vehicles” but with the double Mt Vic tunnel to be completed before “mass transit”? Something is politically peculiar . Clarity of projects and timing is needed from the mayor.

  8. Traveller, 17. May 2019, 15:48

    They’re joking, aren’t they. State Highway 1 is unchanged – it still runs through the middle of the city, with stop/starts at Victoria Street and Cuba Street and Taranaki Street. Till they solve this mess (moving main road traffic off Vivian Street and undergrounding would have been the answer) nothing will be improving.

  9. Meredith, 17. May 2019, 21:22

    By the time anything is even started, let alone decided or completed, Phil Twyford will need to go back to the drawing board, to design mobility scooter lanes for all us (thousands) of baby boomers, given up waiting for the diesel bus. (mass rapid transit ??) That’s no joke!

  10. Kon, 18. May 2019, 7:01

    Watching TV this week and the announcement by politician’s/councillors and LGWM that they have all agreed to final solutions to Wellington’s transport woes, made me shake my head in disbelief. The election promises have started and this disgraceful bunch lined up to the cameras. This mess has been evolving over years under their watch, it will not change unless every one of them is replaced.