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More people, fewer vehicles in LGWM transport plan

lgwm-vision [1]

News from LGWM
The government has announced the indicative package for Let’s Get Wellington Moving including a central government funding commitment. We welcome and support the announcement.

This provides support for us to deliver a step-change in transport to support the city and region’s growth, and realise much of our vision, while being affordable within long-term transport funding priorities. The indicative package is yet to be considered or endorsed by the LGWM programme partners, who will be responsible for committing funding to the LGWM programme.

We’ve released four core documents that outline our vision for Wellington, the context of our growing region and transport challenges, the programme of investment we recommended to address those challenges and realise our vision, and the way forward now the indicative package and funding commitment have been announced.


To realise our vision we need to move more people with fewer vehicles.

Our vision for Wellington [2] is a great harbour city, accessible to all, with attractive places, shared streets, and efficient local and regional journeys.


Our central city is the core of a growing region. But growth – constrained by our hills and harbour – is creating challenges. Our transport system is approaching capacity and without major changes, it will start to undermine the very liveability and culture that is Wellington’s great strength. The community wants transport challenges addressed and supports significant change. We agree.

Read more about the challenges [3] Wellington is facing and what people told us they’d like to see change.

lgwm-investment-program [4]

Recommended Programme of Investment

Our recommended programme is ambitious and aspirational, and seeks to realise our vision. The recommended programme reflects our ambitions for improving Wellington’s transport system over the next two decades. It is a high-level, whole-of-system approach that will enable the growth of the city and the region. It seeks to integrate urban development with transport investment, and help people get around, whether you’re walking, cycling, using public transport, or driving.

At its heart, the programme seeks to deliver a multi-modal transport system that moves more people, goods and services reliably, with fewer vehicles.

Read more about our ambitious and aspirational recommended programme [5] that seeks to realise our vision.

The Way Forward

Once the Recommended Programme of Investment was endorsed by our Governance Group, it was shared with central government due to its scale and the funding challenges it presents. Our vision and the recommended programme are ambitious. The government’s announcement provides a clear way forward and means we can now commence more detailed investigation of the elements of the indicative package and how these will work together to deliver on our objectives. While we do this work on the wider package, we need to make a start on moving more people with fewer vehicles. We’re proposing an early delivery programme to help change how we move into and around the city.

Read more about the next steps [6]for Let’s Get Wellington Moving