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Locomotive breaks down, stops all trains on Hutt Valley line

There was a second morning of major delays for train commuters on the Hutt Valley line this morning.

Metlink said the delays were caused by a mechanical issue with the Wairarapa locomotive which left the 5.46am train stationary at Waterloo.

This caused all train services on the Hutt Valley line to be suspended, with what Metlink described as major delays.

The problem continued through the peak morning travel time.

Trains didn’t return to their timetabled schedules till after 11am.

On the Kapiti line, there were also problems this morning.

Wellington.Scoop – May 21
There were signals failures across all five Wellington train lines this morning with Metlink saying its system needed to be rebooted. The failures caused delays to morning services, with some being cancelled.

At 7.45am, Metlink said the problems had been resolved and services were resuming.

But there were still delays of between 5 – 40 minutes.

Metlink wasn’t able to provide buses and it advised travellers to look at alternatives this morning.

At 10.45am, in spite of the earlier “resolved” message, the signals issue was continuing to delay services on the Hutt Valley line, with more cancellations.

At 11.45am, Metlink said the signals had been fixed and services were returning to normal.

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  1. greenwelly, 22. May 2019, 14:39

    Sounds like the upgrade of the Hutt line (new overheads etc) needs to include a few more crossovers, to allow rerouting around a disabled service