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Sustainability Trust’s chief executive moving to new role

Wellington’s Sustainability Trust is seeking a new chief executive.

News from Sustainability Trust
“It hasn’t been an easy decision. I’ve been with the Sustainability Trust for 15 years, with 10 of those being in the Chief Executive, but I think it’s time for a change in leadership,” says Sustainability Trust Chief Executive, Phil Squire.

“When I look at the team, I see so much talent and commitment. The organisation is growing at a tremendous rate. And as we grow, the role of the Chief Executive will be more and more focussed on scaling up and delivering our strategy across multiple areas of work. While this is exciting, it would distance me from direct contact with the social and environmental work I am passionate about.”

“This work is addressing fuel poverty and addressing the causes of climate change.”

“Thoughts about making a shift started during my six-month European sabbatical in 2017/18. I saw massive opportunities for NZ to up its game in community carbon reductions projects and deliver benefits to the thousands of Kiwi households suffering in poor quality homes with high energy bills.”

“I realised too, that I was really invested in reducing fuel poverty and carbon emissions at the community level. Being Chief Executive is already a full-time job and I couldn’t see how I was going take the Trust to the next level without sacrificing what I feel passionate about.”

“So after six months of lengthy discussions with the Board, I have decided to step down as Chief Executive and move into a programme management role focusing on developing our fuel poverty and climate change mitigation portfolio. I will still be employed by the Trust, and I will be there to support the new Chief Executive.”