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Chris Laidlaw says PTOM review will “find a better way”

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council
The Regional Council has welcomed the decision by the Minster of Transport Phil Twyford to review the Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM).

Chair Cr Chris Laidlaw says it’s time to move past the restrictions imposed by PTOM, which essentially focuses on value for money in delivering public transport services.

“We need more balance in our approach, and that’s what we will be seeking from the review. We have to take into account the interests of customers, transport operators and employees, and ratepayers to arrive at a position that meets all their interests.

“There is a welcome willingness among all with an interest in providing public transport to find a better way. This is being shown in our collective approach to the Introduction of the recent rest and meal beak legislation, and we can do the same with the broader issue of designing a better regime for contracting for public transport services.

“Greater Wellington would be very happy to contribute to the review,” says Cr Laidlaw.

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  1. luke, 22. May 2019, 0:41

    The ptom was steven joyce’s idealogical belief. We would do well to ditch it.

  2. Tony Jansen, 22. May 2019, 10:36

    Here, here Luke, but this government is just national-lite, so don’t hold your breath. It has taken 18 months to even get them to agree to look at things, which says to me they really do not want to get involved. Besides, whatever the outcome, the government will be the losers. I do not believe the “bustrophe” is fixable. We are too far down the road to turn the clock back. The government probably realises this so I would expect any outcome from a review to be mere tinkering at best.