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Regional Council seeking new members to deal with “the big issues”

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council
If fast-growing and vibrant greater Wellington is your home, now is your opportunity to make a positive difference to its future.

Nominations will soon open for local authority elections, which will take place in October.

Wellington Regional Councillors represent constituencies from Kāpiti Coast, Porirua-Tawa, Pōneke/Wellington, Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai/Lower Hutt, Te Awa Kairangi ki Uta /Upper Hutt and Wairarapa and work together on region-wide issues.

They are at the forefront of change on key subjects such as delivering public transport, protecting and enhancing the environment, managing flood protection, enhancing water quality, safeguarding our water supply and responding to climate change.

In short, the big issues that matter to the people of the region.

Councillors make a personal contribution to building a brighter future for our extraordinary region, their decisions can affect the Wellington region for decades.

Now is the time to consider standing for council. Nominations open on 19 July and close at 12 noon on 16 August.

To help potential candidates find out more about the regional council and the elections, Greater Wellington has launched an elections websitewww.MakeAStand.co.nz

Sue Kedgley standing down from regional council

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  1. Mark Spencer, 4. June 2019, 14:46

    Only it won’t make an iota of a difference will it? As a vote for GRWC is a vote for business as usual with its Councillors who don’t represent us – they represent the interests of GRWC (and “the syndicate”).

    We’re sadly living with the bad decisions of the GRWC like not delivering public transport, not protecting and not enhancing the environment, not managing flood protection, not enhancing water quality …
    Run for Council…I would only want to run the idea we should bury it.

  2. Michael Gibson, 4. June 2019, 15:29

    I am in correspondence with the Returning Officer about promoting a ticket named “Kick ’em Out”. (This shouldn’t affect the ‘top’ candidate who is apparently standing down.)
    This morning at 9.25 I arrived at the stop opposite the entrance to the Botanic Gardens where the buses are due every ten minutes. The electronic sign showed that they were due in 12 minutes, 16 minutes and 56 minutes. The bus situation is quite disgraceful and is a very good reason for promoting a “Kick ’em Out” ticket.

  3. Traveller, 5. June 2019, 7:49

    If they’re serious about wanting new councillors (is this a plea from the staff?) then we need to be told which of the old councillors will be retiring. Or are they all intending to try and carry on regardless?

  4. Michael Gibson, 5. June 2019, 7:55

    Traveller – Chris Laidlaw will tell us in his own time.

  5. Gary Froggatt, 5. June 2019, 8:44

    Chris Laidlaw and Barbara Donaldson have to go. Their time is up. Both have very badly handled the PTOM contracts and the reorganization of the bus routes.

  6. Alan, 5. June 2019, 11:04

    “Councillors make a personal contribution to building a brighter future for our extraordinary region, their decisions can affect the Wellington region for decades.”
    I know one thing, they have made an extraordinary balls-up of our bus network, and yeah, their decisions might well affect us for decades!

  7. greennwelly, 5. June 2019, 11:39

    > Barbara Donaldson has to go.
    Only if the electors of Tawa/Porirua agree with you. Because it’s not an at large election, those in most of Wellington City have no say over her election or otherwise….

  8. Guy M, 5. June 2019, 12:09

    I have a different vision. I propose that the responsibility for Public Transport be taken away form the Regional Council, as they are clearly demonstrating their utter incompetence at it. A new Transport authority should be set up for the Wellington region, composed solely of people who know what they are talking about when it comes to Transport – like Auckland Transport, which has steadily been transforming the Queen City over the last few years. We need people who are totally focused on transport – leaving GWRC to do their core work of water distribution and sewerage.

    If that can’t be done, then sack the lot of them. Laidlaw especially – should have resigned by now, but when push comes to shove, we’ll have to Shove him out instead.

  9. Michael Gibson, 5. June 2019, 12:46

    greennwelly – you are quite right about Porirua voters being responsible for their own one-eyed election choices. However our people are responsible for electing the Chair of the Committee which allows the removal of seats from our buses in order to reduce the rating load on the people of Porirua. Candidates in Wellington City should now therefore commit to voting Porirua people out of their lucrative Chairs in the next triennium. There is no chance that Porirua voters won’t again vote for Councillors who favour their own people so much.

  10. Kara, 6. June 2019, 14:39

    what many people do not realise is that Tawa (which pays rates and receives services from Wellington city) has somehow been linked in with Porirua to give that area two representatives on GWRC. So if you know someone in Tawa and/or Porirua who is keen to see a good public transport system in the region – ask them to stand for election. Same goes for Upper Hutt and Hutt City.